Weekenders Clothing: Color & Style Information

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Weekenders Clothing: Color & Style Information
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Weekenders 101

The intent of this guide is to share information regarding Weekenders ladies clothing. I receive numerous  requests for information as ladies search to find a style # or color to match an existing item. I am adding a "did you know?" section at the bottom for general information. I am not a Weekenders "expert" or co-ordinator, my experience lies in 3755 + eBay sales to-date and over four thousand in-stock items.

What are © Weekenders??

Weekenders are a brand of ladies clothing normally sold only through home presentations. Fashions are classic and fun, styled with a modern, sophisticated flair. Designed to mix and match, Weekenders offer a beautiful variety of wardrobe alternatives paired with uncompromising quality. Equally popular are their easy-care fabrics: machine wash, dry on low or hang to dry. No more dry cleaning ... and, a delight to travel and work in.

Each year new lines are offered in Spring/Summer (S/S) and Fall/Winter (F/W) showcasing fabulous new styles, fabrics and colors. New this season (S/S 2006) is an additional product line named, "Joy" targeting a younger clientielle.

Online Purchasing ~ Color, Style, & Season:

  • Ensure your seller knows the correct color and style # determining season/year . Otherwise you could be sadly disappointed to find what you purchased will not match existing items in your wardrobe.
  • Please do not rely soley on photographs. Individual monitor settings vary and therefore can skew true item color.
  • Accurate descriptions should leave no doubt as to what you're purchasing and if it will indeed match an existing item or not.
  • There is no such thing as "blue" or "green" in the Weekenders color language, probably the hardest lesson I had to learn.
  • An alphabetical color list has been included below
  • A note for U.S. and Canadian Weekenders fans: colors can be identical, however their names are not necessarily. I will clarify in upcoming posts to this page
  • Future color information will look like this: U.S./Canada Ie: Deep Purple/Blackberry.
  • Other updates will include style numbers, season and fabric patterns: houndstooth, prints, tweeds, dot, pindots, pinstripe, shimmer, slinky, stretch denim, stretch interlock, etc.

Style #'s - What Do They Mean?

100 Series Style #'s: Tops
200's: Trousers, Pants
300's: Dresses
400's: Shorts
500's: Jackets, Blazers, Vests
600's: Skirts
700's: Simply Great (Plus sized line, discontinued)

Reused Style #'s - 100's: Tops:

105, 107, 108, 111, 112, 118, 119, 123, 125, 127, 128, 129,
132, 135, 136, 138, 139, 142, 146, 148, 156, 157, 158, 162,167,
171, 175, 179, 188, 189, 195, 196, 198 (there very well may be more, these are the reused style #'s I've run into over the years)

Reused Style #'s - 200's: Trousers ~ Pants:

202, 204, 206, 212, 213, 218, 226, 229, 230, 234, 235, 236, 238,
241, 242, 244.

Reused Style #'s - 300's: Dresses:


Weekenders Sizing Chart

Color Names Alphabetically:

Almond, amber, amethyst, apple, aquamarine, autumn red, azalea, azure

Banana, black, blackberry, blue royale, blueberry (two seasons), blueberry dot, brick, burgundy, burnt orange, buttercup

Cafe', Cafe au' lait, cancun, cappuccino, caramel, carribean blue, cayenne, celadon, charcoal, cherry red, cinnamon, clear pink, cocoa, cognac, copper, coral, cornflower, cranberry, cream

Dark chocolate, deep purple, denim blue

Electric blue, emerald, espresso, espresso and black

Fawn, fern, flannel, forest green, french green, french taupe, fuschia

Garnet, gold, gold topaz, gray, grey

Hazelnut, heather, hollyberry, honey beige, hot pink, hunter, hunter green

Ice blue, indigo


Jade (two separate seasons)

Keylime, key lime, kiwi, kiwi print

Lapis, latte, lilac, linden, loden, loden plaid

Magenta (two separate seasons), mahogany, mandarin, marled ruby, mediterranean blue, melon, merlot, midnight blue, mist, mocha, morning glory, mulberry

Natural, natural herringbone, navy, navy plaid, navy dot, night blue, navy, navy pinstripe, navy herringbone

Ocean blue, ocean teal, olive, orchid

Pale yellow, papaya, periwinkle, pindot, pink passion, pewter, pink, pink blush, platinum, plum, purple

Raspberry, raspberry sherbet, raspberry ice, red, royal, ruby, ruby marled, russet

Sable, sage, sapphire, seafoam, sienna (original burnt orange) soft pink, spruce, steel blue, suede, sunburst, sunrise, surf blue

Tangerine, tea rose, teal, turquoise

Wedgewood, wheat, white, wildberry, wild berry, winterberry, willow, wine, wisteria

Yellow sorbet

Are some of these colors unfamiliar? U.S. ladies, you're probably viewing a Canadian colour, and Canadian ladies ... a U.S. color.

I will update this guide a bit at a time with hopes it will be a handy reference or simply something interesting & fun to read ... if you have pertinent information you'd like to see do contact me.

Happy eBaying!

Pam aka Nightlight1960

Did You Know ... ?

Weekenders originated in Canada!

Do not use liquid fabric softeners

The U.S. product line is not identical to Canada's necessarily, often it will include an item or items not available in Canada and vice versa?  Ie: the 135 keylime gathered dot top ... (Canada only) ... 135 Raspberry Sherbert Dot Top ... (US only) or the 238 Southwest Coral/Melon VS Knit pant? (Canada calls them a "Basic pant") That's right, not only are the colors not always called the same name, neither are the styles.

Pricing can be different in different parts of the country. Story: I had emailed another seller in the U.S. to clarify one thing or another. Her catalogue listed a particular item at a different price than mine did. My catalogue was from NC, hers .. well, north of there ... ! :) I scanned mine to show her ...

More to come .... always



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