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Watch out for Numismatic Bureau coin dealer *INB*

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I would like to get the information out there about a store here on ebay name numismaticbureau...They are also know by International Numismatic Bureau and INB...I purchased a few sets of coins from this store only to find out they are not what it seems...INB grades every single coin in their store at MS70 which by ANA standards is the perfect, flawless coin...INB is NOT a grading company, it is merely someone (someones) that work out of their home and sell off substandard coins slabbed with a fake grade to make more money from them...My last purchase was an American silver eagle coin when pictured is a gorgeous, flawless coin although when I received it, there were surface scratches on the obverse and rear along with toned spots all over the rim leading me to believe it had been cleaned...
Previous to this I purchased some slabbed 2009 Lincoln cents graded at MS70, all the cents in the set were plagued with spotting and scratches, hardly MS70 grade...Just because a coin was removed from a mint roll does not mean it is MS70 grade, or even MS65...Every single coin in that store is graded MS70, all of them...That should tell you something about the so called professional grade system that is going on...
When I mentioned the substandard condition of the so called MS70 coins the seller responded with 'Grading is subjective, and different companies have different standards.  The auctions clearly show that these are INB coins, and the grading is consistent with INB standards' followed with I can return them but there will be no promise of replacing them...The auction also stated that this is 'of the highest grade'
INB has no standards but the ones they create and certainly do not go by ANA standards, stick to real grading companies or you will get burned by these fly by nights...Beware of fake companies made up so they can gain more money off of false grades...I am not attempting to slander the store in any way, I want buyers to know what they are getting into dealing with this person...Please stick to known grade companies so you don't have to deal with returns and a sale you are not happy with...INB takes hundreds of people for a ride daily so don't be one of them...The images used are stock photo and do not represent what you are getting...They chop up mint sets and sell 41 cents worth of coins in cheap slabs to you for 6 dollars or more...
INB store link, please go check them out... INB STORE
I include the link so you can see for yourself...You will not see the defective and substandard coins I speak of but you will see that every coin is MS70 which I find hard to believe...Don't let the piece of plastic it's in get you all happy and think it's above value...I have bought silver eagles loose that are finer than graded coins...Try a mint company, they always have good stuff and have a reputation to stick too...There are many other 'lower class' grade companies here on ebay but I have not yet experienced any issues with the two I purchased...I will stick to ANACS, NGC, and PCGS from now on though...I hope this helps...

EDIT:  See coin pictures in another guide I wrote to go along with this one here
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