Washing Ball Caps

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A ball cap washer is a plastic "cage" into which you place your dirty or sweaty ball cap.  With the price of quality caps approaching $30, a ball cap washer may be one way to extend the life of a favorite cap. You simply place the cap between the two plastic frames and snap it shut. If excessively dirty you may use a prewash spray. Then you can either wash it in the washing machine or the top rack of the dishwasher. You are warned against using lemon detergent in either the washing machine or dishwasher.

If using the washing machine,  you need to put in a light load of clothes. (No towels or jeans.)  Using the gentle cycle and setting the water saver on the appropriate setting, use your regular detergent. Do not use a front load washer, one that tumbles constantly.

Because I have a front load washer so I opted to use my dishwasher. You set it on the regular cycle. While you may wash more than one cap at a time, do not wash dishes when you are washing your cap.  

When you remove your cap washer from the washer or dishwasher it should be clean but it will be wet. Let it air dry.

You can also launder wool caps in your washing machine using cold water.

Is there anything better than a freshly laundered cap? I think not!

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