Want to make a living selling comic books on eBay?

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Want to make a living selling comic books on eBay?
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There is an incredible amount of money to be made selling comics on ebay! Millions of dollars a year pass through the ebay system specifically on comic books, and related items. How much of it did YOU make last year?

Below are my thoughts and musings on making a living selling comics on ebay. There are a few rules I follow...and, of course, they are in no particular order...

1) the USPS is your friend. Treat them kindly, and they will treat you kindly back. Note: they LOVE pre-paid mail!

2) You will need help doing this! Unless you only sell high-end books (over $300 each), you will need SOMEONE to help you handle e-mail and packing (the most exhausing part of all of this...trust me)

3) Be patient, AND hasty. What does this mean? Everyone who asks you a question, or sends in a payment is a customer. They WANT what you have. Treat them kindly. This goes a long way ( Why do you think the top sellers have more than 50% repeat customers) Hasty? Europe operated on a 6-day business schedule. USA on 5. Ebay is 7 days a week. Be prepared to answer e-mails...and do it quickly!

4) Treat your employee(s) kindly. Ebay is tough business. It is not easy...especially when you are dealing with "low-margin" items like comic books. Sure...it is great when you pick up a comic book at a flea market for $1 and sell it for $10....but this is NOT an everyday thing. Most times you buy something for $5 and sell it for $8.

5) eBay is your biggest tool for finding out how to price a comic book. While price-guides are a tool, eBay has become a force of nature in the hobby. Most desired comics have been sold on ebay in the past 90 days. Don't be scared to use the "search completed auctions" feature. It will soon become your best friend.

6) make personal time for yourself. Comics are wonderful...but they can exhaust you.

7) diversify your product. Put some Manga as well as some superhero stuff up. Do you like old comics? So do a lot of People! Classics Illustrated, Funny Animal comics and Teenage Humor (Archie) have homes on ebay that they may not have at your local convention or store.

8) There is a comic for everyone, and every comic has a buyer. Don't believe me? search for "Long Box of comics" any day of the week. Can't sell it anywhere else? Bulk it! (oh yeah...take a look at the "wholesale" sections...you will be surprised).

9) SHOP on ebay. I have Bought things on ebay, re-worded the auction, and sold the same thing for MANY times what I paid for it. Need packing supplies? Do it eBay! Need a new printer? eBay! Packing supplies? eBay. Bags and Boards (critical for your stuff to look nice)...eBay!

10) And finally....SCAN YOUR BOOKS! Camera photos are too hard to see...take a look...you will see I am telling the truth.

Good luck, and Thanks for reading!

- Brett (ebay id: bcarreras)

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