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A tote bag is the new purse, and size matters depending on your body shape.

Totes are being used for laptop computers , gym bags to a combo purse and Mommy bag. Tote bags are no longer considered beach carry-alls.How do you choose one that will not overshadow you?

Size matters! If you are petite  to petite plus size, choose a tote in solid colors. Never overpower your height with a busy print. If you choose a print, let it be vertical stripes. Let the tote be wider than  in length.

Height over 5 feet .

1. If your body shape is a pear, a shorter handle tote will take away from your hips, giving you a longer, leaner look. Stay with solid tote bags, and vertical stripes , or a tote with a few embellishments.

2. Thick waist- The tote is your best friend. Anything goes for you except metallic. You want to reduce ,not bring the eye to your waist, and a metallic tote  draws the eye  to your waist. Think wide totes, short handles over your shoulder, and bright fun prints. Please avoid paisley and busy prints, however a themed bag will be fun!

3. Large bust- Any tote goes except the short , short handles as the bag will make your middle look thick. Longer handles will feel better and look better, and actually slim you! Go for the bold to the plain, but again, Paisley and busy prints take away from your whole person.

4. Full Figure - The tote bag is your best accessory right now. Anyway you wear it, any color or style, will make you look slimmer and in style. Have fun with a tote, let it express your personality. You do have rules- busy clothing with prints, only a plain tote will do, plain clothes, anything goes!

Designers are catching onto the tote craze, and actually thinking about what should be inside the tote to make it more functional.No more boring laptop bags, briefcases for a man, diaper bags that look silly, gym bags meant for mondo the body builder or multi purpose totes with no style.

Women are evolving into efficient people, and a tote is now your new best friend! ( think of placing a smaller bag inside and the tote -shopper  and it becomes your mini home-on-the -go)

Thanks so much for your time.


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