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 Welcome to the wonderful, wacky world of "fake" designer perfumes and fragrances!!!  You might ask why would I welcome you to such a topic....well the answer is very easy....many eBay sellers knowingly or unknowingly are selling "fake" designer fragrances and uneducated, unsuspecting buyers are buying them thinking what a great deal they have gotten on their favorite, expensive designer fragrance like Chanel, Dior or Givenchy.  Well, I can assure you what you are buying is in fact a fake, knock-off, counterfeit of the REAL perfume or fragrance and I am going to outline here in this guide how you can educate yourself and stop these sellers from continuing this unethical practice!!!

Have you ever purchased a bottle of perfume from an eBay seller and once you received it and sprayed it on yourself a few times and soon wondered why that fragrance that normally lasted hours and hours on your skin is now only lasting maybe 30 minutes to one hour?  Do you find yourself applying it extra heavily and wondering why the atomizer does not spray properly or why the color of the perfume looks slightly different than what you remembered when you bought that expensive bottle in your local department store???  Well this very same thing happened to me several months ago. At the time, I was not a regular eBay seller of designer perfumes and fragrances but I have recently added 100% real and authentic perfumes to my eBay store.  The perfume I purchased on eBay was CHANEL Chance 3.4 fl oz/100 ml Eau de Toilette and it came in a slightly squashed box that looked a bit odd to me at the time.  Not really knowing anything about fake perfumes, I happily opened the box, removed my perfume, smelled it and sprayed it on myself  and I went on my merry way.  I even posted positive feedback for the seller as I was very happy with this GREAT DEAL I thought I have gotten on eBay. 

Shortly thereafter, I began to sell authentic perfumes and fragrances on eBay and I noticed when I got other bottles of Chanel Chance, my own bottle seemed different than the ones I purchased from a reliable perfume supplier.  First of all, the fragrance did not last more than an hour on my skin.  Anyone who wears Chanel perfumes knows that they are a strong, lasting fragrance that needs very little spraying on your skin.  Second, I noticed a big difference in the actual scent of the Chanel.  It was weaker and smelled more like alcohol.  The perfume atomizer (sprayer) never worked properly on this fake bottle and I fought with in constantly...it dribbled more than sprayed!  Once I realized this bottle I purchased on eBay was a fake Chanel perfume, I actually compared it side by side with a REAL bottle purchased from a department store.  This is by the far the best test of all to determine if your perfume is REAL or FAKE.  Take a look at the small details....the writing of the name of the perfume on bottle...is it the same color?  Is it the same size and style of font?  Take a look at the cap or cover on the bottle and pay special attention to the inside of the cap?  Check the labeling on the bottom of the bottle?  Is it different on each of the bottles?  Check the box and cellophane wrapping?  Even these things are not copied very well by counterfeit perfume makers.  These are the clues that are dead giveaways if the perfume is real or fake because the counterfeiters only concern themselves with the big, more noticeable features and fail to exactly copy the smaller, lesser details on the bottle, scent and packaging.

Read my other guides about specific perfumes including CHRISTIAN DIOR J'adore Jadore and GIVENCHY Amarige which I have thoroughly compared and photographed the REAL perfume next to the FAKE perfume so you can see the subtle differences that once compared side by side are very, very apparent.  Look at these photos of a REAL bottle of Jadore next to a FAKE bottle of Jadore.


BE CAREFUL AND CAUTIOUS buying name brand designer fragrances on eBay!!!  Even if an eBay seller says his or her perfumes are AUTHENTIC, many times they are not aware themselves that it is fake!!!  Check an eBay seller's feedback and see if they have had complaints for selling non-authentic fragrances.  If the price seems too good to be true, then it probably is not REAL!  If you are buying Dior J'adore for $25.00-$35.00 for a 3.4 oz/100 ml bottle, then I can guarantee it is fake.  My perfume supplier sells this same size bottle of the authentic fragrance for $62.00 and that is their wholesale price!!!  

PLEASE look at my other guides...LOOK at the photo I have posted with this guide of a fake bottle of GIVENCHY Amarige and CHRISTIAN DIOR J'adore Jadore next to a real bottle and although from a casual appearance they seem the same, once you analyze the two bottles next to each other, you can clearly see the differences between them!!

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ADDENDUM:  PLEASE NOTE...I am unable to enlarge the photos showing the small, fine print.  These photos were taken by a friend who helped me compare the REAL J'adore vs the FAKE J'adore.  The bottles with the comments next to them are the FAKE bottles so hopefully you can check your purchase against what she is showing.  Also, be sure to look at my Guide on Givenchy Amarige as I took those photos myself and you can clearly see the differences between the real and fake perfumes.  Good luck and email me with any questions!!!


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