Vintage de Vigny Perfumes

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Vintage de Vigny Perfumes
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In this guide I have listed the various perfumes presented by de Vigny from 1921 to 1952.

de Vigny was established in 1919 by Lucien Vogel with help of his brother Jacques, a perfumer who was later associated with the companies Dana & Molyneux. The company was located at 416 rue Saint-Honore,Paris.

The company and products were named de Vigny after the poet Alfred de Vigny.  From the beginning, de Vigny introduced perfumes with two distinct personalities- the humorous and the ethereal.

Michel de Brunhoff designed such notable comical perfumes as Le Golliwogg, Le Chick-Chick, Guili-Guili and Be Lucky.

Charles Martin created fabulous advertisements and for the ethereal luxury presentations with bottles designed by Lalique, primarily seen in the La Gazette du Bon Ton. Vogel founded Le Gazette du Bon Ton , Jardin des Modes and French Vogue in collaboration with his wife Cosette and her brother, Michel de Brunhoff. The three Lalique bottles used for the early advertisements were Musky, Ambre and Jamerose.

The company changed their name to Les Parfums de Luxe SA 1921.

de Vigny was awarded a gold medal in 1925 at the Paris Exhibition.

After 1929, without the artistic and creative involvements of Vogel, Martin, Lalique, and de Brunhoff,  the luxurious quality of designs for new presentations declined considerably. From 1933, the de Vigny name was gradually simplified to Vigny.

The most common of all Vigny perfumes to be found is the adorable Golliwogg. The stopper is made up of black glass and has real seal fur for hair. The earlier bottles of 1919 were frosted glass, and the later ones from the 1920s were in clear glass. Baccarat supplied many of the bottles. The bottles as well as the graphics were designed by Michel de Brunhoff. The rare original bottle has black glass stopper with molded face and hair. the figural bottles ranged in five sizes from the largest at 6 3/4" tall down to the smallest 2 3/4" tall. Don't forget to look for the fanciful powder boxes emblazoned with dear Golli's head and the lotion, tester and sample bottles and the rare bronze and enamel pins with a little grate to hold perfume soaked cotton balls.


All five sizes of Golliwogg perfumes

Golliwogg mini bottle, circa 1930s

One of the more whimsical perfume bottles was the one made for Le Chick-Chick, which was made for Easter. The crystal bottle had gilded wings  which formed the body of the chick, and had an oversized gilded cap which formed the head. These bottles came in three different sizes from the largest at 5 3/8" tall, to a medium size 3 3/8" and the smallest at 2 7/8" tall. They came housed in floral papered boxes with a drop front.

Le Chick Chick

A rare bottle to come across is for the scent Guili-Guili. This perfume was based on a real life magician and illusionist from Alexandria Egypt. The bottle had a head and foot of carved mahogany, the head resembled an African mask, covered the inner stopper, while the foot enabled the paneled crystal bottle to stand upright. This bottle stood at 6 1/4" tall.

The Perfumes of Vigny:

  • 1919 Musky
  • 1919 L'Infidel
  • 1919 Ambre
  • 1919 Jamerose
  • 1919 Le Golliwogg, introduced in the USA in 1925
  • 1921 Douce Chose
  • 1922 Fleur Celeste
  • 1922 Plain Soleil
  • 1922 Eloa
  • 1922 D'ou Vient-Il?
  • 1923 Le Narcisse de France
  • 1924 Lionette
  • 1925 Be Lucky
  • 1925 Le Chick-Chick
  • 1927 Le Bouquet de Vigny
  • 1934 Guili-Guili
  • 1934 Heure Intime
  • 1942 Beau Catcher
  • 1951 Echo Troublant
  • 1952 Chambord

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