Vintage Silka Perfumes

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Vintage Silka Perfumes
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In this guide I have listed the various perfumes produced



Established by Maurice Roussel at 16 quai de la Megisserie, Paris in 1909. He was related to Parfumerie Roussel family which was established in 1852, producer of the very successful Eau Gorlier in the 19th century. Silka was mainly a manufacturer of refined and sophiosticated perfumes and cosmetics with romantic, original perfume names.

Their perfumes of the 1910-1920s period were marked by striking and unusual luxury presentations. The company was shut down during World War II and continued operations after the war was over until around 1950. Company revived sometime in the late 1990’s.

  • 1910 Caricia
  • 1912 Flamme Parfumee
  • 1917 Ikonia
  • 1918 Rose de Silka
  • 1919 Konia
  • 1920 Arôme Mystique
  • 1920 C'est
  • 1920 Chèvrefeuille
  • 1920 Rose
  • 1921 Bouquet Silka
  • 1921 Chypre
  • 1921 Jasmin
  • 1921 Lunasol
  • 1921 Muguet
  • 1921 Œillet
  • 1921 Violette
  • 1923 Narcisse
  • 1924 Caricia, relaunch
  • 1925 Alty's
  • 1925 L'Inattendue
  • 1925 Ami
  • 1926 Toquade
  • 1928 Narcisse Silka
  • 1928 Ombre du Soir
  • 1929 Si Tu Veux
  • 1930 Viens à Moi
  • 1946 Cœur de Paris
  • 1946 Fleurs de Tabac
  • 1946 Le Bouquet de Silka
  • 1946 S de Silka
  • 1946 Tabac de Iles
  • 1946 Coy de Paris
  • Style Fleuri

The bottles:

The perfume Ikonia was named after the ancient city in Anatolia.  It was presented in the Baccarat bottle design # 352; with a crescent moon stopper designed by Lucien Gaillard.

The perfumes Chypre and Violette were presented in bottles designed by Lucien Gaillard.

Arôme Mystique was presented in a bottle designed by Lucien Gaillard.

Narcisse, was presented in a flacon designed by Lucien Gaillard and made by Cristalleries de Baccarat.

The perfume Ami was presented in a black Art Deco Baccarat crystal bottle, design # 552.

L'Inattendue was presented in a bottle designed by Georges Chevalier.

Ombre de Soir, an oriental fragrance, was presented in a flacon by Cristalleries de Baccarat, design #506

The perfume Lunasol was presented in a flacon by Cristalleries de Baccarat, design #673.

Si Tu Veux, was presented in a flacon designed by Georges Chevalier and made by Baccarat, design #687

The perfume C'est was presented in an urn shaped, faceted bottle designed by Lucien Gaillard and made by C Depinoix et Fils.

Toquade was presented in a flacon by  Baccarat, design #604.

The following perfumes were presented in bottles by Julien Viard:

  • Chèvrefeuille
  • Rose
  • Jasmin

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