Vintage Omega wristwatch

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Vintage Omega wristwatch
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Looking for a "World Class" vintage watch at less than $500 (often times waaay less!) then Omega may be your choice.  Omega is highly praised by watch experts and (better yet) watch repairmen as being much easier to repair (and much cheaper too than a Rolex).  I own three vintage mechanical Omega's and two Rolex's and all keep great time and are reliable yet I had my Omega overhauled at less than 1/3 the price demanded for my Rolex datejust.  Is it that the Rolex is better made? Nope, it's all about name recognition and advertising.  My 1962 Omega Constellation looks as smart and keeps just as accurate time as my Rolex but suffers from a lack of name recognition.  Their loss is my gain.  After all  it was an Omega mechanical watch that was chosen by NASA to go to the moon!  So be it a vintage SEAMASTER, SPEEDMASTER, or a Constellation, a World Class watch can still be had at bargain basement prices!  BTW:  which watch would I take IF I had to live in the boonies for a year?  Why the 1962 Constellation of course!
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