Vintage Morny Perfumes

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Vintage Morny Perfumes
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In this guide I have listed the various perfumes produced



Morny was established in 1910 in Regent Street, London. To convey the French image that was so desirable in the perfume market, the company added a "de" in front of its name. They sold luxurious French style presentations with perfumes with French names, The company was so successful in France that it opened a branch in Paris.

The perfumes of Morny:

  • 1908 Chaminade
  • 1922 Narcisse Blanc et Noir
  • 1922 June Roses
  • 1922 Mysterieuse
  • 1922 Nuit de Carnival
  • 1922 Yesha
  • 1926 Tentation

I know there are more perfumes to be found, if you find one, let me know. thanks!

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