Vintage Mary Chess Perfumes

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Vintage Mary Chess Perfumes
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In this guide I will list the various perfume produced by Mary Chess of New York City.

  Established in 1932 by Grace Mary Chess Robinson on Park Avenue, small shop opened in 1933. Became a very important perfumer after she introduced "Chess Pieces" in 1938. These figural perfume bottles were in the shape of chess pieces, an artful play on her name. Mary Chess used only natural ingredients in her perfumes, and her first perfume was White Lilac.  I am sure there might be more perfumes to be found, if I left one out, let me know.

The perfumes of Mary Chess:

  • 1932 White Lilac
  • 1932 Heliotrope
  • 1932 Gardenia
  • 1932 Desert Verbena
  • 1933 Chessmen
  • 1934 Tapestry
  • 1934 Yram
  • 1935 Floral Odeurs
  • 1939 Carnation
  • 1941 Elizabethan
  • 1942 Strategy
  • 1946 Song
  • 1956 Souvenir D'un Soir
  • 1958 Chivalry
  • 1960 Tuileries

Feel free to email me for details or any questions. I also have a perfume identification and appraisal service here on ebay, click on my Me page for details.  Check out the 260+ guides & reviews  I have written on perfumes on ebay. If you have found this guide helpful, click YES below. Thanks!Good luck and have fun collecting!

 I am always looking to add pictures of vintage perfumes to my guides, if you have a picture you would like to see included here, please contact me, credit will be given to the user ID for any picture submitted.

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