Vintage Fisher Price Toys are HOT!

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Vintage Fisher Price Toys are HOT!
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The excitement of finding that hidden treasure. For most of us Ebayers, we thrill to arrive first at that garage sale, and uncover a box of forgotten gems. The most recent 'forgotten gems' I stumbled across was a box full of old Fisher Price view finders and hand cranked movie cameras. The accessories held the real value I soon discovered. Original Rin Tin Tin disks, along with John Weyne and some real classics from Disney sold for much more than I had hoped and alacarte at that! The movie cameras were not selling until I marketed them as a lot and specifically mentioned the Disney titles that went with them, after making that correction I was rewarded for my patience.  I very much encourage all out there to keep their eyes open for other 'vintage' toys and hopefully be the next treasure hunter who stumbles on more hidden gems.

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