Verizon Activation Guide for Replacement Cell Phones

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This is a Guide on how to activate a cell phone on Verizon Wireless that you purchased online from the comfort of your home.  Its easy, simple and fast. There are a few ways to activate your Verizon phone. We strongly recommend following content 1 [vzw1] & 4 [vzw4].

1. Getting Started  [vzw1]
2. Transferring your existing contract service to the phone you just bought by using the *228 method [vzw2]
3. You Want to Use Your Phone for a Prepaid Plan [vzw3]
4. Activate your phone through the Verizon Web Site. (Recommended method) [vzw4]


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Getting Started [vzw1]
Two Steps Before You Call To Activate: 

   1. Get the ESN Number of the Phone. Take the battery off of the phone and look for the ESN number. Models vary, but all of them either show the ESN as an 11 digit number in Decimal format (sometimes abbreviated DEC) or in Hexadecimal format which is a combination of letters and numbers that is 8 digits in length   Verizon can work with either one. It is not the serial number which is usually designated “S/N” or the FCC ID number. 

• The ESN (Electronic Serial Number) is used to identify a cell phone belonging to a particular carrier network. The ESN is unique and is usually located below the battery or on the back of a cell phone itself.
• You will need the ESN to activate your cell phone
• Sprint can use ESN, HEX, DEC number to activate your phone

   2.  Make sure the phone is fully charged.  You don't want the phone to die when it starts programming because the battery dies.  Also, fully charging the battery helps to prolong and enhance the battery’s performance (repeated, short and incomplete charging of your battery will diminish its capacity).  


[vzw2].  Transferring your existing contract service to the phone you just bought.

  1.  Call 888-294-6804 from a different phone (home phone or someone else's phone). At the prompt enter your 10 digit phone number. Follow the appropriate prompts to switch to your new phone.  When the Customer Service Representative answers, tell him/her that you would like to activate your phone number on another cell phone.  They will ask for the ESN number of the phone that you want to switch your service to. 

•  For a faster activation process, have your account information and password ready when you are calling.
•  Press 0 to speak directly to a Customer Service Representative.

  2.  It takes about 30 seconds and then they will ask you to turn your phone off and back on and dial *228 and press send.  Your phone will be programmed over the air in about 1 minute.


[vzw3].  You Want to Use Your Phone for a Prepaid Plan: [vzw3]

Call the Prepaid Customer Service Line at 1-800-326-2578 and follow the prompts to prepaid.  You will need a Credit/Debit or Check Card to activate or buy prepaid cards. They will ask you for some general information and the ESN number of the phone.   

To buy more minutes over the phone call 800-201-0521 or 611 from your cell phone, the 611 call is free.   You can also buy the calling cards at a wide variety of convenience stores and gas stations.


[vzw4].  You can activate your phone through the Verizon Web Site. 

This is the recommended method to use if you have internet available. There is never a  fee to switch your service to your new phone over Verizon's web site.  Registration is necessary if you have not made an account yet.

  1.  First visit the home page. Hover over the "My Verizon" tab and select "Activate or Switch Device"

  2.  After logging in, select the phone you would like to switch from. (Your current phone)

  3.  Verizon will ask you to back up your contacts. There will be one of two possible outcomes.
       A. If your phone is an iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, or Palm, Verizon will have instructions on how to back-up your contacts.
       B. If it is not one of the types listed above, Verizon will have a program called "Backup Assistant".
       After backing up your contacts click "Next"

  4. Finally, Verizon will now ask you to enter your device's Identification Number (ESN). After entering the number click "Submit"


Possible outcomes
A. Successful Activation.
     • Congratulations! You have successfully activated your cell phone.

B. Your messaging/data plan needs to be changed
     • The phone you are trying to activate will require a change to your Messaging/Data plan. In most cases, you will get this screen if you are switching from a basic phone to a smart phone or vice versa.
     *Generally, smart phones (Windows, Android, iPhone, BlackBerry) will require a data plan with your carrier. Basic phones (flip-phones, basic input phones, etc.) do not require a data plan. If you are unsure, please contact Verizon.

C. Lost or Stolen
     •  There are two possible outcomes for lost or stolen. Verizon will instruct you to call their Customer Service line. If this is a phone from Just Cellular Store, please contact us immediately.

You will receive different messages if your phone is a Casio G'zOne phone without a camera.


Quick Dial Codes 

       #BAL (#225):   Check Your Balance

       #MIN (#646):    Minutes Used

       #PMT (#768):    Make a Payment

       #DATA (#3282): Check Number of TXT Messages and kilobyte usage

       *611: Customer Service

Customer Service Representatives are available for support questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Thanks for reading.

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