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Verify LOUIS VUITTON authenticity + Online resource!

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BEFORE you buy an expensive designer name handbag, you can forward the item number to an online resource, mypoupette.com to verify authenticity and weed out fakes. The site charges only $5 per request for LOUIS VUITTON items and up to $15 for other designers!

While the listing is active, you send the Ebay listing number to mypoupette.com and they will review the listing and photos and determine with the information given if the bag is authentic or a fake!

Many respectable sellers of LOUIS VUITTON will register their bags with mypoupette.com prior to listing the item. Although nothing stope them from making the claim, while truly not being registered, mypoupette.com is user friendly and will allow you to verify if the Seller is officially endorsed as a mypupette.com seller. DON"T TAKE THE SELLERS WORD FOR IT! Research it yourself.

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