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Vacuum Sealing Equipment
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This guide is written to explain the differences between machines and the associated bag materials. Check out the heading that applies to your needs machine.

Home style Vacuum Packers:

These Vacuum Packers are commonly referred to as suction style machine.  Price range $50.00 to $500.00 is common. The bag hangs outside the machine using atmospheric pressure to push the air out of the bag.  Or as some understand suck the air out of the bag.  Either way the common style of bag used in this machine has a channel, texture, liner, and fiber to allow the machine to remove the air from the bag.  These bags in the past have been very expensive. But that time has passed and the patents are expired and now the summer of 2006 you are seeing many types of bags on the market.  This is a very welcome new development. If you have a machine or are looking to purchase a machine and the bag goes under a nozzle or into a channel you will need to purchase a bag material that has channels, texture, liner, or fiber for best results.  The quantity packaging is usually 25 to 100 bags per case 2-mil, 3-mil, 3.5-mil and the rare 4-mil bag.  Roll material is also common for these machines.   

Home use VS Resale Food Distribution:  The home-style vacuum packers such as Foodsaver, Deni, Rival, Kenmore, Sinbo, Magic Vac and others are NOT approved for use in commercial distribution of food.  There are very strict guidelines involving food since 911.  The machines are not approved for use in packaging food for resale, by health departments across the country. The bags are FDA approved for food use, in homes! Do not be miss lead on Ebay and other sites where bragging and boasting of selling products across the country with Foodsaver and similar machines and associated bags are being used.  It is illegal! You may get away with it for a while in some Podunk little town in the middle of no where.  But if you are located in, or sell to a major metropolitan area, the health department will not approve a Foodsaver or similar machine for resale commercial use.  This information comes direct from the King County Health Department, in Seattle Washington. We have been interviewed and given instructions many times and most recently at the 2005 Foodservice Show. There is an increased awareness by the Health Departments about the information being passing out to commercial users. Be informed! Any site can drop ship or sell you a bag "Cheap Cheap Cheap". Distributors like this are popping up all over the Internet.  These Internet sellers have no experience on how it will hold up to your specific needs. Most are telling you it's OK to use these bags and rolls for resale! This is just bad misleading information! This misleading information is only designed to make them a quick buck, not designed with your best interest in mind. This information can cost you money and in many cases fines or hassles with your health departments, not to mention lawsuits from your consumers.  Textured bags and the associated machines are FDA approved and designed for home use machines only, not for resale food distribution, especially across stateliness.   FDA approval only means it is approved "save around food" this does not approve it for commercial use. Commercial FDA approved bags are 1/4 the cost of home-style bags. So there is no reason to use a home-style bag or roll for commercial resale use.  Any savvy business owner understands to spend the money on the equipment not the disposable bag. 

Exceptions on Home Style Machines not using textured bags, don't get confused!

There is a cheap home style machine on the market.  We have tracked it's price $49.00 to $129.00. The product uses the flat pouches more commonly used in Chamber Style machines.  We have watched and tested this machine it in our repair shop. The machine works marginally on dry products and it seems for a little while it does vacuum and seal the bag.  The use of the very cheap commercial flat pouches seems appealing to consumers.  We put the machine to a true test, and I am not here to rate products but the price speaks for it's self, based on pricing and quality, pretty cheap. The machine is not for use in commercial food applications home use only.

There are suction style machines that use flat pouches on the market for the commercial industry. They range $1,500.00 to $5,000.00 they are excellent vacuum packers.  However those are not advertised for home use but for electronic applications. (Dry Products)

Chamber Style Vacuum Packers:

Chamber style vacuum packers are commonly used in commercial use applications.  The smaller machines are becoming increasingly popular in homes and gourmet kitchens.  To use these machines product is placed in a flat pouch. This pouch is a bag without channels, texture, liner or fiber.  It is flat on both sides, clear or printed with many styles of zippers, gussets, windows. These commercial bags are seen every day in stores all over the world. The entire bag goes into the chamber of the machine.  The lid then closes and vacuuming and sealing then takes place.  These machines are much less messy and being designed for true commercial use they can be used for hundreds of bags per day. The case packaging of pouches for these machines is 500 to1000 bags per case per size, 2 mil, 3mil, 4mil and 5 mil bags are common.  There are companies such as ours that will break a case for customers who just don't use 1000 bags at a time.  But most web sites will keep cases intact at 500 to 1000 per case. No Rolls for these machines.  

Designed for Food Resale: Chamber Style machines such as VacMaster's are the vacuum packers you will need to use if you plan on storing food in a resale packaging.  The bags are designed for commercial use and are NFS and FDA approved for resale.  The machines are NFS and FDA approved using storage guidelines for packaging food for resale, provided by State Health Departments.  Machines come equipped with or without gas flush depending on the product you plan to package.  Be informed buy the proper equipment for the proper usage, and set up your resale operation with confidence. (See Guide relating to Gas Flush Vacuum Packers)

Thom Dolder owner of Professional Marketing Group Inc. is the nations foremost expert on Vacuum Packing.  He has been dedicated to home and Commercial Vacuum Packing since he was approached to sell the very first home style vacuum packer 22 years ago.  Thom's knowledge and expertise is sought after by major manufactures of vacuum packers to give advise and guidance in engineering of new vacuum sealers. He has helped over 2 million end users with their vacuum packing needs, both home and commercial, through his in depth knowledge of the Food Service Industry relating to Vacuum Sealing.  Take a look at our Ebay Store and ask any questions you may have. We are here to help!

Please visit the Ebay Store at Vacuum-Packers/Sealer 

We are experienced and extremely knowledgeable at understanding vacuum packing and the needs of our customers.  We are not writers!  Hope this information helped you.  Please rate the guide at the bottom of the page if this information helped you.  Thank you  



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