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VW new radio RCD 210/310/510

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Hi everybody,

Firstly, please apologize me for my bad english.. i never study it.

So, this is not a very guide but it will be a very important argument for all potential buyers of this kind of products or for listening your new "toys" you must spend much more.

Ve are talking about new radio version for Volkswagen car.

As you have seen, VW sell noe new version of radio unit such as RCD 210 o 310 o 510.

Apparently you can replace your old version (200/300/500) with one of the above. The unit fit perfect with old car but there is a problem with battery.

In fact, with old car and new units, the battery after a couple of hours are dead..This append because the unit is continusly under power and there are only 2 solution for resolve this problem.

The simplest one is to remove power supply from Can-bus sistem and put a switch under dashboard..Of course anytime you want listen radio you must switch on... this is the economical solution.

The 2nd one is more expansive. Of course you must add this cost to the final and real cost of items.

You must replace the Can-Bus unit controler beacuse the old car have the version 1.6, and the new radio use only the version 2.0. As you undestard, at cost of radio unit you must add at least 120/150 ueo (around 100/125£) plus the garage cost becasue it is better dont play too much with Cab-bus system.

So, at the end, the cost fo unit is bigger for what you have estimated to spend for new radio.

Think about better and carefully before you bid for any radio.

Thanks for your attention and i hope that the guide help you with your choice.

Have you a nice day.


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