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If you plan on copying my guide for your own personal use or website, please give me the courtesy of giving me credit. Please do not copy it and claim it as your own. Thank you. CoutureCollector

***If You're in the Market for A Versace Handbag, please read this guide before. Trust me, it can help you avoid getting ripped off and the disappointment and anger that comes from getting scammed. I just happened to check out the Versace bags being sold today (1-28-09) and noticed that over 50% of the bags being sold here are FAKE, REPLICA BAGS and I'm sure with the difficult economy, more and more will be sold here. Reading this guide will take you about 5-10 minutes and could possible save you hundred's to thousand's of dollars!! ***

VERSACE - HOW TO TELL IF THE BAG YOU'RE THINKING OF BUYING IS FAKE. This guide includes Pictures of Commonly Sold Fakes and what to look out for before buying. Also inludes pictures of what Authentic Tags Look Like.

After noticing a huge increase in the number of fake, replica Versace handbags being sold on Ebay, I decided to write a "buyer's guide" to help you avoid buying a fake Versace handbag. I'll try my best to update this guide as I notice any changes to either Authentic Versace bags or any changes in the replica's. If you follow the tips and advise in this guide, your chances of getting scammed with be Greatly Reduced. Please note that most of these tips can also help you in your purchase of other high-end designer bags but I wrote this one specifically about the Versace line. If you have any tips or insight that you feel I might have missed, please drop me an email. I'd be happy to add to this guide to help make it as informative as possible and I'll be sure to credit you for your help. The first 5 tips are your "common sense" tips. It'll teach you what to look out for in Ebay Sellers and how to avoid dealing with those that are dishonest. The last 5 tips are things to look out for in the Auction Pictures. Good luck!!

1. Just because a seller states his/her bag is authentic Does Not Make It True. People lie, it's sad but true - even PowerSellers.

2. Versace does not sell its handbags at Sample Sales - only through reputable retailers like Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Barney's, Bergdorf Goodman & of course at actual Versace Boutiques. You can also buy an authentic Versace bag at a reputable outlet like the Versace Company Store (Versace Outlet) or a high-end department store outlet. Versace handbags are also available to purchase via online retailer E-Luxury. Many unscrupulous sellers will state they purchased the bag at a sample sale because it had a little stain or perhaps part of a label was missing and try to explain that this is why they're offering the bag at such a huge discount - not true. More often than not, they're offering a $4000 bag for $500 because it's fake and because they only paid $150 for it.

3. If a seller states that he/she has a copy of the original receipt does not necessarily mean the bag is authentic. I recently wrote a detailed guide covering high-end designer handbags that were being sold by dishonest sellers in which a copy of the receipt was included. These sellers would buy an authentic bag from a high-end department store with a generous return policy and then return it for a full refund. They'd buy the authentic bag, return it and keep a copy of the receipt to try to fool you. Want to know how? They buy a bunch of replica/fake handbags in the exact style of the authentic bag they had purchased & returned. Most of the fake/replica bags cost between $100-200 from (an online source for every type of replica you could possibly think or dream of). They'd then list these fakes on Ebay claiming they're authentic and even taking a picture of the receipt and posting it on their auction page. I know this might sound like a lot of work but believe me, they make it worth their while! These dishonest sellers can sometimes get as much as $1200 or more for a FAKE bag (that they paid $150 for). My guide helped in getting a scamming Power Seller kicked off Ebay when I noted that he/she kept selling the same bag in different colors each week using the very same copy of receipt. in each case she stated that only a copy of the receipt would be included for "security" purposes even though the transaction stated it had been purchased with cash.

4. Before buying a bag - check out the sellers feedback rating. I've found that most (but definitely not all) sellers selling fakes seem to have under 30 feedback ratings. Meaning they've had fewer than 30 transactions in TOTAL on Ebay. Think about it? The more transactions a seller has, the more chances that one of his/her buyers will catch on the "replica" scam. The seller might get away with scamming buyers 30 times - but it might just be the 31st buyer that'll be the one to take the bag into a store to be "authenticated". Once that buyer leaves negative feedback, the seller will simply cancel his/her user ID on Ebay and STARTS ALL OVER AGAIN with a New User ID.

5. If the bag you're looking at - and this is true for any high-end bag (whether it's Versace, Gucci, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Balenciaga or Valentino) - If the pictures posted on the auction page show a bag with plastic wrapped handles it's FAKE. This is a HUGE tip-off. Any high-end designer would never leave unattractive plastic wrapping on the purse straps or handles. They may cover certain sensitive parts on a bag in clear film - kind of like the film you take off of your cell phone screen when you first purchase (Example - Christian Dior puts a clear plastic film on their C&D charms of their bags to avoid them being scratched prior to purchase). So remember... plastic wrapped handles or shoulder straps, it's fake.

Example of Fake bag with plastic wrapping on the handles.

6. If the bag you're considering buying has a strip of dangling leather attached to the handle or onto any part of the bag - it's fake. Chinese counterfeiters first started this practice to prove to its exporters that the bags they were selling where made of real leather and not plastic, man-made, leather-like material. Do you think Versace or any other high-end designer would feel the need to add a strip of material or sample leather to prove to you it was made of real leather? Of course not. So if you see a dangling piece of leather/material attached to ANY part of the bag - it's fake.

  Check out the leather tag dangling from the tag - this bag is Fake.

7. Take a look at the Versace tag dangling from the handbag. An AUTHENTIC bag will have the official Versace tag. The Official Versace Tag is made of smooth black heavy-stock material (like super fine cardboard). The tag is Black and EMBOSSED with Gold Versace Lettering. When you feel the tag, you'll be able to feel where the lettering is because you'll feel the indentation. The Versace Wording is stamped into it - NOT JUST PRINTED ON. The string which attaches the tag onto the purse should also be black and the little plastic tag that attaches the string to the purse should be black too with the word "Versace" written on it. When the tag is opened, you'll see a white piece of paper with back wording which is your "Certificate of Authenticity". Please see attached pictures of an Authentic Versace Bag & Tag - THANK YOU Bagilbert62 for giving me permission to use the following pictures:

  Notice the black plastic seal - Authentic Bag

Notice the black tag with gold Embossed wording -Authentic Bag

This is what the label/tag looks like when it's opened. Also - notice there's no plastic anywhere! Authentic Bag!

8. If the Versace tag you see attached on the bag is white with black writing - it's Fake. The Versace tag should look like the tag above. A lot of the fake bags have all white tags with black lettering or white or black tag with a stamped Medussa on it. They're all fake! The label should look EXACTLY like the one above. Also - I noticed that the plastic seal on these fake bags are also wrong. The fakes have a white little plastic seal with black writing - notice the plastic seal on the REAL bag above... notice how's it's black? It should not be white.

Common example of a fake Versace bag sold here on Ebay. Notice the tag? It's wrong!!! It should be black like the black & gold tag above. This is FAKE.

Another commonly sold FAKE bag here on Ebay. Notice the tag? It's FAKE.

Another Example of a Popular FAKE VERSACE bag being sold here on Ebay. FAKE!!

And Another Popular FAKE Versace Bag.

9. Almost all fakes come with tags, care guide/booklet and dustbag. One thing I have noticed is that many of the care guides that come with the bags have tons of misspellings. Believe me... Versace or any other high-end designer won't print out a care guide or booklet without having a hundred people checking and re-check the spelling and grammar. Since most of these care guides are written by foreign country counterfeiters the wording in these booklets might be a bit off. They'll have typo's and/or out of sequence wording. This one's a little tougher to catch prior to buying the bag since you'd have to read it as opposed to something you could catch by reviewing pictures.

10. Ask questions!! Ask the seller where they got the bag. Are they stating it was a "gift" from Aunt Betty? Is Aunt Betty wealthy? If the bag in question is a $4500 bag, she'd have to be - right? Authentic Versace bags typically start at about $650 and can go up to $20,000 or more for their Exotic Skin Bag Collection (like those made of Crocodile). A personal favorite? When the seller claims the bag is authentic, ask them if they offer a money back guarantee. Make it a point to tell them you plan on taking the handbag to an authorized retailer or your local Versace Boutique to have them confirm the bag is authentic. Word to the wise... A few sellers will give you your money back IF you get them something in writing from an Authorized Retailer stating it's Fake - here's the problem with this - Most authorized retailers won't do this. They don't want to take the time nor liability in putting ANYTHING in writing. Some sellers count on this and use this as a loophole to avoid having to return your money. Here's a tip!! If you plan on heading out to your local store, take a couple of minutes before leaving your home and type up a note on your computer. Write the store's name, address, phone number and include a quick reference to the bag you'd like for them to inspect. Next, write a quick message such as this: UPON CLOSE INSPECTION, IT IS MY PROFESSION OPINION THAT THIS BAG IS NOT AUTHENTIC. Now, make sure you have this little note ready when you take your bag into the store. If the salesgirl tells you the bag is a fake, ask her nicely if she wouldn't mind signing your little note and be sure to ask for a business card too. If you make it easy for them, they usually won't mind helping you out! Now, of the news is good and they tell you the bag Is Authentic - there won't be a need for you to have them sign anything - after all, you'll be thrilled!

The pictures I uploaded above are of the most Commonly Sold Fake Bags on Ebay. It's possible to buy an authentic Versace Bag on Ebay, you just have to be willing to do a little research to avoid getting ripped off. I wish all of you luck in your search for the perfect bag!! If any of you have any questions or comments, please drop me an email. Just be sure to avoid hitting the "hide me email" button when you send it to me. When you send an email through Ebay and opt to hide your email address, Ebay will automatically block me from responding to your question if we're not actively involved in a transaction. I guess it's their way of limiting or blocking unsolicited emails within the Ebay community. I hope you've found this guide useful and easy to read and I'll try my best and updating it as best I can. Thanks for taking the time to read this!! Good luck & happy bidding!!

About me:

After spending tens of thousands shopping at Versace (I spent $60,000 at the Versace Boutique in Milan on one shopping trip alone). I can easily tell when someone is selling counterfeit merchandise 95% of the time. I decided to write this guide after seeing a HUGE increase in replica goods being sold as AUTHENTIC. It's a person's right to purchase what they'd like. If you're ok with buying a replica, it's no ones' business but yours. What bothers me is dishonest Ebay sellers targeting unsuspecting hard-working buyers. Many buyers save for months to buy that "special" bag they've had their eye on and I think it's unfair to pay Authentic Luxury Prices for Fake Designer Goods.

Much love to all!!


Here's a list of Ebay sellers that routinely sell AUTHENTIC Merchandise - If you're a seller and would like to be added please contact me. Please note, I'll keep adding the this list as time goes by:

1.   CoutureCollector
2.   Nena-1
3.   I'll update this evening

I've noticed one seller based out of New York which claims to seller Authentic Versace Merchandise. He/she claims that the tags are missing because they're samples and it's a HUGE LIE. This seller sells FAKE designer merchandise and claims it's real. He states on his auction that his merchandise is one of a kind and asks that you not waste his time with your questions about authenticity. This seller is a perfect example of a dishonest Ebayer and he's a PowerSeller too. I'm sure you can easily find out who I'm talking about. He/she often uses celebrity pictures of stars wearing similar dresses to try to prove to you it's real. One of the pictures he shows is of Halle Berry - the problem is he shows a picture of Halle wearing a similar dress and then shows a picture of this cheap dress he claims is a Versace gown and the gown that Halle's wearing is not even a Versace gown. Halle's gown was made by another high-end designer - not Versace. Remember this seller sells out of NYC-  I'm sure you can easily follow up on my tip! The worst part? He sells his gowns expensively!! Always over $200 and sometimes I've seen his stuff sell for over $500!! - now, $200 for a Versace is a great deal but not when you're getting a cheap, swap-meet quality dress that would've cost you $40!
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