Using A Camera Phone To Add Pictures To Your Listing

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Need pictures for your listing, but don't have a digital camera.  Don't worry, it is as easy as using your cell phone.  Like many others, I don't have a digital camera, but I DO have a camera phone.  It is an easy way to add pictures to your Ebay Listing!  Here are your simple step by step instructions;

- Set up your item for sale in a simple display and take a picture with your cell phone. 

- After you have taken your picture, use the options button on your phone to "Send Message", "Forward Picture" or "Send Picture".  This will give you the option of sending the picture to a phone number or email address.  Send it to your email address.

- Now your picture is on your computer.  All you have to do is open the link to the picture in your email.  It will ask you if you would like to download your picture.  Choose 'Yes'.  But you don't have to save it, just choose to 'Open' the item. 

- You now have a new window with the file of your photo on it.  RIGHT CLICK with your mouse on the file.  Choose 'Copy' and click. 

- Now you are ready to put your picture into your listing.  The "new version of the Sell Your Item form" on ebay makes it especially easy to add pictures and improve the quality of the picture. 

- Start listing your item.  When it comes to pictures, click on "Add a Picture". For best editing options use the Enhanced version.

- Click the #1. box to add your first picture. Then RIGHT CLICK on your mouse and press "Paste"  then press the "Open" button. 

- Your picture is now ready for editing.  Even if your camera phone does not take great pictures, the Enhanced version of Add A Picture is easy to use and will make your 'Good' picture, 'Great'.  You can use the buttons above the picture to rotate the picture, crop, adjust the lighting and color. 

- When you are satisfied with the picture simply press "Upload Picture" at the bottom of the box.

You now have a great picture to add to your listing!  Don't forget to Add Gallery for a great listing!

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