Use Promotion Code: BRST3227 at Save $10

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Use Promotion Code: BRST3227 at Save $10
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Use on the Internet for the BEST Diaper and Baby Supply Prices ANYWHERE !!!

Use the Promotion Code / REFERRAL Code:  BRST3227 and you save an extra $10.00 off your first order and $5.00 off your second order.   The prices are GREAT, they ship to your door FREE, and NO Sales TAX !!! 

When pricing diapers, don't forget to add the Sam's Club "up charge" and the sales taxes or shipping changes to the total price.  

Use PROMOTION / REFERRAL Code: BRST3227 and save your extra $10.00 off.      This code is Good and it does not expire !!

Bless you and your BABY !!! 

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