Use Keywords and Meta tags to Promote your eBay Store

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To promote our Stores through search engines, eBay uses keywords and meta tags. Did you know that by DEFAULT your keywords come from your Secondary Categories in your store? You might be surprised to find when you click on your store and place your courser over the tab in your browser just what it says! I know I was! This is HOW people find you through the search engines on the Internet???

This can and should be manually changed within your Store Manager. Make the most of your KEYWORDS! Go to MANAGE MY STORE and look for SEARCH ENGINE KEYWORDS in the left nav bar. When you click on it you will see the 6 Secondary Keywords that eBay has selected for you...LOL  You can simply change the Keywords. You can use up to 60 characters for each Keyword line. Start with your top Store Category. The first 4 Keyword Lines are what writes your meta tag. So be sure to use your Keywords to your advantage! Your meta tag will read like below...

Buy YOUR #1 KEYWORD and YOUR #2 KEYWORD items from YOUR STORE NAME WILL BE HERE eBay Store. We also sell YOUR #3 KEYWORD, YOUR #4 KEYWORD items on eBay

This is an IMPORTANT UPDATE to my guide...

Never use keywords that are not related to your page content or REPEAT the same keyword more than once. These are considered KEYWORD SPAMMING  by search engines. Keyword spamming could affect your page ranking or even cause your eBay Store page to be removed from search engines' indexes.
Because eBay uses your Secondary categories and listing titles to write your keywords for meta tags it is very possible that you are keyword spamming the search engines and being thrown right out of the search! Want to see how you are coming up in searches? Google yourself! Check your search-ability by running searches for your store name.
As an eBay Store owner it is YOUR responsibility to be sure that your Store keywords are working for YOU! Below is a link to the keyword page in Manage My Store. It is more than worth your time to look at this NOW! You will need to copy the link and paste it into your address bar to go there.
Before you do that PLEASE VOTE AT THE BOTTOM OF MY GUIDE! can take up to 30 days or longer for the search engines to update this information! So there is no better time to look at this in your Store than NOW! Before you do that, please, take a few extra seconds and VOTE on my Guide! Thanks, Kali

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