Unlocked OEM Cell Phones VS Carrier Locked Cell Phones

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Unlocked OEM Cell Phones VS Carrier Locked Cell Phones
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Do you know the difference between Unlocked OEM Cell Phones and Carrier Locked Cell Phones ?

Well, if you don't, please do not feel you're ignorant, You and millions of other Americans find themselves in this position out of no fault of your own, but rather of the tricky cell phone carriers that operate in the States. Unlike other countries carriers, the U.S. carriers lock their phones to their network & services making it impossible for you to use them across the board with their competitors. At the center of all this fierce war to "lock your dollar" to themselves, is you the customer, who just got jailed of your wireless freedom ! Understanding the type of mobile you are buying is critical nowadays if you want to save your dollars in roaming when travelling or simply want to change carriers overnight. To help you become a wireless guru, we present you with 2 possible "cell phone purchasing scenarios" so that you can grasp where you are in relation to where we would like you to be:

CASE 1 # The worst possible cell phone purchase one can make - "Carrier Locked Cell Phone"

The weekend is here, you are browsing through the internet and suddenly you see that flashing Ad on your screen ... get a "FREE CELL PHONE" at your nearest Cingular / T-mobile store. STOP NOW !

This is the "worst free gift" and it will require you to stay married to that carriers service contract for a period of at least one year or even two to three years, the standard length of time on a service contract required to be signed by you to enjoy your "free gift". Here you'll sign to give them your lovely dollars every month for a "LOCKED PHONE" that you can't use anywhere else but with them ... it sounds more like the "Alcatraz Telecom Gift" from which you can never escape ! Now, everytime you hear on the news that another carrier has just come out with a monthly plan that is 50% less that what you are paying you cannot even touch it ! Who wants that ? Wait, it gets better ... if and when you travel outside the U.S. you will "be forced" to use only your carriers simcard inside your phone since your carrier's phone won't recognize any other international carriers simcard in it (due to the phone being locked to your carriers network). This transalates into a roaming bill you cannot escape from. Whereas if those locks weren't there on the phone, you could easily change the simcard for a local prepaid one (of that country) where incoming calls would be mostly free (unlike the U.S.), no roaming fees will ever be assessed and calls back to the U.S. will be 1/3rd of what your U.S. carrier charges you. This "free gift" is starting to look like a real expense and no investment. In a nutshell, you just got caught in a web with endless bills you can't run away from and you got nothing from your carrier, not even a decent phone ! Still want your "free gift" ? Naaahhhhhh !!!

Case 2 # The best possible cell phone purchase one can make - "Unlocked OEM Cell Phone"

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), remember that this sacred 3-letter terminology of the trade will save you headaches, money and time wasted with carriers. So what are these Unlocked OEM Phones and how are they more valuable and beneficial. DING ... we'll give you 3 good reasons why we know this is the best purchase you can make:

  1. OEM Factory Unlocked cell phones are the only ones that are fully unlocked at every level of voice and data transmission. In much simpler language, this means to you that these cell phones will allow you to insert any GSM carriers simcard inside and will let you talk as well as log on the net (WAP & GPRS) and send files (audio and video - EMS/MMS) using that carrier's IP browser configurations.
  2. OEM Factory Unlocked cell phones are the only ones that allow you the freedom to avoid cell phone service contracts and thus if needed let you depart your current provider and retain services of a competitor. Not only will you have an investment in hands that works in every GSM carrier, but best of all, you don;t have to put the phone inside your drawer or put it on eBay since you have no use for it any longer. You can now use it with your new GSM carrier !
  3. OEM Factory Unlocked cell phones are the only ones that accept any simcard from any GSM provider when you are travelling overseas and provide you with both voice and data services. You will find this extremely useful when in Europe & Asia, where mobile technology is so far more advanced than the U.S. and you can buy a local prepaid simcard in denominations of 10 to 200 units and get both voice and data services. Also majority of these international GSM carriers allow you to receive incoming calls for FREE unlike the U.S. (we know everyone loves that). Prepaid simcards can be found even at kiosks at the airport as you land in Europe, Asia & even some parts of Africa. You will be assigned a local new phone number with them and instantly after activation you can call anyone back in the States ! Now we're talking advancement !

So which scenario are you going to be in ?

Why continue to be a victim of these vicious cell phone service contract entities ? There are UNLOCKED OEM CELL PHONES to the rescue !

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