Understanding Home Tanning Beds & Buying Lamps / Bulbs

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Understanding Home Tanning Beds & Buying Lamps / Bulbs
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Tanning 101

For the past ten years, I have been helping Commercial and Residential Tanning customers across the country.  Whether it be purchasing a Home Tanning Bed, relamping your bed with new bulbs, or fully planning a new 20-30 unit tanning salon; I have always strived to give my customers the best product for their money.   

My most common question for those looking to purchase Tanning Lamps-" What is the best price you have on lamps for my bed?"

If you are considering relamping your bed this guide is for you.  There are over 1000 different lamps on the market for tanning equipment. The real truth is that there are only about a handful of manufacturers in the world, and many lamps are similiar with different names on them.  All of these lamps are not created equal and one company's lamp for a  20-30 minute bed (100 watt) may be bought for under $10 a lamp- and another lamp may cost $18 a lamp.  These is a big range in price, and as good consumers we usually go for the "best deal."  (the cheapest lamp)    For the past 10 years, I have received calls about lamps-the customer typically says " What is  the best price you have on lamps for my be?."  I will tell them "yes, I have a  cheap lamp and it will last 800-1000 hours just like the lamp that costs more money- but I do not recommend it.  Why?  Tanning lamps are NOT created equal."  What does this mean?    When these lamps are put to the test with a UV(ultraviolet- ie: Tanning Power) light meter,  the cheap lamp will tan you at first, but the output drops at a very fast rate as the bed is used more and more.  I then recommend a lamp that may cost a little more( but nowhere near the $18 a lamp price).  The lamp I recommend will have good output and as the bed is used, the output drops at a lot slower rate.(such as my 80 & 100 watt Bronzing and Super Bronzing lamp)  This is because of the high quality phosphors that are used in the lamp.  The other benefit of the high quality phosphors is that these lamps produce natural looking results. The Super Bronzing lamp is a little stronger than the Bronzing lamp I offer, but still gives natural looking results.  Other sellers will offer lamps(such as those that are higher than 7.0  ie 7.9,8.0,9.0 etc) that give results by actually giving the skin a red tone. I have reluctantly sold these lamps to those who wanted them, however in my past experience, most people  want lamps that produce natural looking results.  (Bronze not Red)  That is why you will not see these kind of lamps offered in my auctions or  EBay store. 

 What about people offering free shipping or a bunch of free lotion with a lamp purchase?

There have also been a lot of auctions on Ebay for Tanning Lamps that are offering  $200-$400 in free lotion with the purchase of lamps.  If this lotion was really worth that much money, the seller would go broke offering it for free---  Chances are that the "Free" lotion is either not that good, outdated(yes tanning lotion has a shelf life), or has been overpriced to make you feel like it is the deal of the century.   Our auctions do not use these kind of gimmicks- just a good lamp at a good price.  The other thing to keep in mind is that when comparing lamp pricing, note the shipping cost-  Because of our location in the mid section of the country and our efficient packaging, I charge the same on shipping for the whole US-  I want my customers to get as close to the the actual shipping and packaging costs.  All lamps are packed with care and the shipping cost includes  a hassle free shipping policy, in the rare event of any breakage- I will make it right.

Getting the correct size lamps for your tanning bed.

I am glad to help make sure you get the correct lamps.  Each of my auction listings has information on how to find out what lamp you need.  If you are still unsure on what size you need, feel free to send me a message or call me.  I want to insure that this is a easy process for you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this guide.  As a potential customer, I want you to know that I appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.   I welcome any comments or suggestions you may have.



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