Under counter toaster ovens

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The models that this guide was written about are no longer on the market. If you are interested in owning a toaster oven that mounts under the counter you will have to modify one meant to sit on top of the counter. is the only company, to my knowledge, that has ever manufactured a toaster oven that mounts, suspended, under a counter. This is a tremendous space saving advantage, especially for someone who has limited counter space.  ceased production of all models of under counter mounting toaster ovens several years ago. No product has emerged to fill this niche. You can presently only find toaster ovens that sit on the surface of a counter, and they are usually large enough to hold a frozen pizza. One day I wandered into a kitchen accessory store and browsed through the toaster ovens. None of them featured under counter mounting. However, one model was relatively small, and at first glance I suspected that it might fit inside an old mounting hood. The hood was sold separately and had the model number . I went home and measured the hood. Then I returned to the store with a tape measure and carefully measured the toaster oven. Yes, the two would fit together, with about half an inch to spare on either side. But the two things do not go together automatically. You have to use your ingenuity to adapt them to function as one. I immediately recognized this as the type of puzzle that I get a lot of satisfaction from solving. The solution was quickly forthcoming. It involved the use of small aluminum right angle strips, some sheet metal screws, a pair of tin snips, a hacksaw, an electric drill, and drill bits just the right size to accommodate the screws I had chosen. I would rate the level of difficulty of this project as moderate, but not high. I could list the detailed steps that I used, but being able to devise these steps for yourself is an important hurdle. If you cannot clear it, you should not attempt this home project. All you need to know is that it will work, and it will work beautifully if you are a reasonably good home mechanic. The great news is that the new toaster oven  is much more capable than the old ones. It is digital and the control panel is designed to withstand years of button pushing without becoming tattered looking. It is also put together with screws and can be disassembled where necessary. This is a sure sign of quality. The item is made in Italy. The model number is . If you are interested in pursuing this project you should first thoroughly research the two model numbers given here and let your ingenuity guide you from there. I use my toaster oven to gently roast nuts, to make toast, and to keep cooked food warm before serving. I never use it for primary baking or roasting. That is a job for the big oven. Perhaps pushing these little ovens beyond their proper limits was one reason they vanished from the market.

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