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What is a Chocolate Fountain?

A chocolate fountain is a unique and memorable way of serving warm chocolate fondue. Typical chocolate fountains stand 19 inches to 44 inches tall with multiple tiers over a basin at the bottom. Chocolate is melted (or kept warm) by heat from below the basin, then the warm chocolate is transported to the top of the fountain by a corkscrew auger (or pump). From there the warm chocolate lava cascades over the tiers creating a chocolate waterfall in which delicious treats like strawberries & marshmallows can be dipped. You are limited only by your imagination!

Where are Chocolate Fountains used?

A chocolate fondue fountain is a fantastic centerpeice for any memorable event. Chocolate fountains are quickly becoming a must have at weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, corporate events, anniversary parties, trade shows, dinner parties... anywhere you want to make a lasting impression! No matter what the occasion, your chocolate fountain is sure to be a big hit!

What can you dip in a Chocolate Fountain?

You can use marshmallows, pretzels, strawberries and other fruits, hard cookies...anything that goes with chocolate! However, we strongly advise against anything crumbly (i.e. pound cake, brownies, etc.) or that may easily slide off the skewers, as crumbs can clog the holes and block the constant flow of chocolate through the Fountain.

What size fountain & how much chocolate will I need to feed my guests?

The Chocolate Fountain size required depends greatly on your budget and your desire. Each chocolate fountain has a different maximum chocolate capacity ranging from 5 lbs - 20 lbs (see descriptions). But, all Chocolate Fountains can feed an unlimited number of people if melted chocolate is continually added throughout the event. As a general rule, 20 pounds of chocolate will feed 200 - 250 people.

What kind of chocolate do I use in a Chocolate Fountian?

Any couverture chocolate (chocolate with 33% to 44% cocoa butter) works best! I sell delicious couverture chocolate made especially for chocolate fountains in my ebay store. You can use regular chocolate chips or chocolate pieces with the Home Chocolate Fondue Fountains, provided that oil or cocoa butter is added to the solid chocolate prior to melting to ensure the right consistency.

Does the Chocolate Fountain melt solid chocolate?

A chocolate fountain will melt the solid chocolate - but, because of the low temperature, it would take a much longer time. A double boiler will decrease the amount of time needed to melt the chocolate and greatly reduce the chance of burning the chocolate. Be sure that no water gets into the chocolate, as this will taint the chocolate! Check out my ebay store for premium fountain chocolate in convenient microwavable packages!

How do I know if I melted the chocolate correctly?

The chocolate should not be too warm or too cold, and it should have a nice shine to it. The viscosity of the chocolate is very important for proper coverage. Melted chocolate that is too thick will not flow properly but instead drop from tier to tier. If it is too thin the chocolate will flow but gaps may appear in the chocolate flowing over the tiers.

Can I use a fondue other than chocolate in my fountain?

Yes, most chocolate fountains allo you to use your imagination with unique fondue and dipping ideas! Caramel, Marshmallow, Cheese, Marinara & BBQ are favorites. Please visit our eBay store for a nice selection of fountain ready fondues (have a caramel fountain or a peanut butter fountain!) with easy microwave instructions.

Can the Chocolate Fountain be used outdoors?

Yes, a chocolate fountain can be used outside, with a few limitations. There are 2 things to consider if you are planning to setup a chocolate fountain outdoors: 1. Maintaining a warm temperature of chocolate is critical for continued smooth operation of the chocolate fountain. Depending on the time of the year and the general climate, this could be difficult to accomplish in an outdoor setting (watch out for the wind!). 2. Because of the chocolate's sweet aroma, little flying creatures are very likely to be attracted to the chocolate fountain (try to enclose if at all possible).

Can I make money with a Chocolate Fountain?

ABSOLUTELY YES! Chocolate fountains are now in high demand on the rental market. You can easily make back your puchase price with just a few rentals. A Chocolate Fountain rental business has a low start-up cost and it is a great way to be your own boss. Visit our eBay store for Commercial Chocolate Fountain Pacakges - everything you need to get your chocolate fountain rental business started now!! The Home Chocolate Fondue Fountains are also becoming increasing popular with rental companies becasue of incredible customer demand and high profit return! Please note that using a Home Chocolate Fountain in a commercial setting may void the manufacturer's warranty.


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