USED Taylor soft serve machines- serial number & age

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Looking to BUY a used Taylor Soft Serve Machine?  Then One Fat Frog is the place to go. These are super dependable and just keep on working.  In our business it's not always the age so much as the shape the item is in for the price.  For bank financing, it's often the case they wish to know the age of the item.  For this purpose, looking at the serial number on your Taylor soft serve machine is the key. 

The serial number will begin with a letter followed by four numbers. 

  • FIRST LETTER:  stands for the decade:  H = 1980s / I was not used/ J= 1990s / K - 2000s
  • FIRST NUMBER: stands for the specific year in the decade
  • SECOND & THIRD NUMBERS:  stand for the specific month

So, for example a serial number starting with H9 is 1989.   If you come across a model K104 it would translate to manufacture date of April 2001.

Age is only a number

There are plenty of Taylor machines out there are still ticking.  As I've always told the boys:  There are 3 things you don't ask a lady:  what's in her purse?  what's her shoe size? and what's her age?  Just like older women and vintage cars, Taylors are built to last. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this and vote positively.  See our guides for a long list of restaurant and commercial equipment to help you build your business. 

If you're looking for a used Taylor soft serve machine, please drop us a line.  If it's not in stock it just may be in the warehouse or on its way there.  We'd be pleased to post a private buy-it-now for you.  We're just an e-mail or phone call away.  One Fat Frog Commercial & Restaurant Equipment located in Central Florida but shipping Internationally!


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