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Hello all, today I am tackling the subject of unlocking cell phones, which I divided into two parts. The first part will be explaining what exactly a locked cell phone means, and the second part I will give tips on how to unlock your cell phone!!! (with help from hubpages!)

Definition Of Unlock Codes

Today we'll take a look at the concept of what it means to unlock cell phones, and how, exactly you go about doing it. Luckily, the concepts of unlocking phones is quite simple, so I expect you'll get it in one sitting.

An unlock code is a code that is calculated based on a cell phone's IMEI number in order to "unlock" the phone from a data plan.  The phone was originally sold to the consumer as part of a deal in which the phone was sold at a discounted price in exchange for being locked.

Why are cell phones locked?

Cell phones are often locked because cell phone carriers will sell a calling plan coupled with an expensive cell phone. They do this in order to lure a customer in by offering them quite an impressive phone with a calling plan at a low monthly price. Customers love the low monthly price for awhile, but then they end up wanting to shop for a better deal. If they could do so easily, the carrier would lose money on the phone because the customer would drop the low cost calling plan and keep the expensive phone.

Luckily for cell phone customers there is a way around unlocking cell phones. In most incidents, people can merely enter an "unlock code" into their phone and do away with being locked. Certain phones cannot be unlocked, but most can. Chances are if you have a popular model of cell phone, you will easily be able to unlock it by entering an unlock code.

Unlocking your cell phone is now easy. An entire industry has sprung up around unlock codes and now you can order an unlock code and unlock your phone in a manner of minutes. It's not difficult, and you will enjoy much more freedom in the long run for your efforts.

Almost all cell phones can be unlocked

Most makes and models of cell phones can be unlocked by using an unlock code. Sometimes you can find free generators which will make your unlock code at no charge. More often you'll need to pay for your unlock code. Considering that you may then use a much cheaper calling plan, the cost of the unlock code is probably very cheap.

Nobody wants to stay locked into a bad cell phone deal just because they bought a phone as part of an introductory deal, Now you don't have to. With unlocking your phone you can regain the lost personal freedom of not being able to have a calling plan with whatever company you want.

As consumers we do not like being dictated to and the worst example of that is a blocked cell phone. Cell phones cost a great deal of money and so do calling plans. That's why it makes complete sense to unlock your phone. Once your phone has been unlocked by using an unlock code you can use whatever calling plan you want.

If you have considered unlocking your phone for awhile but haven't gotten around to it, there's no reason to wait any longer. You are one click away from having all the information you need on how to unlock your mobile phone. As the old saying goes, "Knowledge is Power." In this case, it certainly is. With the knowledge that is provided by an unlock code, you have the power to move to any calling plan you want all the while keeping your favorite phone.

Almost any cell phone with an IMEI number can be unlocked

If your cell phone has an IMEI number, it can probably be unlocked using a software code. The IMEI number will be used to generate an unlock code that will be entered. Once it is successfully loaded, your phone will no longer be "locked" into a data network and calling plan. At that point you can sign up for whatever service provider you want.

Locating your IMEI number

Finding your IMEI number will vary from cell phone to cell phone, but generally your IMEI number can be found in one of three ways.

1) Through the software menu
2) On the original packaging
3) On the phone itself.

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