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I'm Here To Help!

(the pics below are of celebs wearing CLASSIC TALL UGG BOOTS and a perfect example for this guide)

I'm not an expert but just an average Ebay shopper hoping to help a few other shoppers. 

Buying shoes or boots online through Ebay can be a hard thing to do.  Especially when purchasing UGG boots.  There's not a gurantee that the shoes/boots will fit you properly.  Well here's a bit of advice. 

Most of the Ugg boot listings mentioned the sizing issue. 

For example:

~If you wear a half size get the smaller size. Which means if  you wear a 8.5 be sure to purchase a size 8.~

I've found that, after buying a pair of UGGs they're almost a whole size too big.  I wear a shoe size that can range from 7.5-9.  As most women know, it depends on what kind of shoe it is, what socks you're going to wear if any, and if your feet tend to swell or not.

I purchased a size 8 UGG boot because I figured I'd wear socks with the boots.  But found out that even with a thick sweat sock a size 8 boot was too big for my foot.  So instead of buying an 8, I need to purchase a size 7.

I hope that this helps out a few other people that are interested in purchasing UGG boots.

I've included a link to a few pairs of Uggs. Adding a pair of UGG boots to your shoe collection will be the best thing you could've done.  Great when you just need to run out of the house or even lounging for the day...and of course they come in vibrant colors to go with any outfit.


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