Turbo Lister for Mac

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As many of you might know, the free eBay listing tool "Turbo Lister" is for PC only. This seems quite unfair and absolutely absurd because the eBay community has spoken for quite some time now, asking for a Mac version of Turbo lister. The only two alternatives programs for Macs are GarageSale and iSale which both cost money to use!

Here are the current requirements for Turbo Lister 2:

-Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista
-Pentium II and Above
-At least 250 MB free desk space, more than 500 MB recommended
-RAM: 128 MB, more than 256 MB recommended
-Internet Explorer v5.5 or later installed

A Mac as the ability to meet all of these requirements except for the operating system (running XP or Vista on a Mac and using Turbo Lister causes many problems). What seems crazy to me, is in a time like now when many people are switching to Macs from PCs, that a company as big as eBay would not spend some time and develop a Turbo Lister version for Macs. Also, eBay seems to have time to raise fees for all of us, but does not have time to develop Turbo Lister for Macs?

What this guide is meant for is to help rally up all who want Turbo Lister for Macs. First off, there is an online petition you can sign which will only take seconds of your time. It can be found by searching google for "eBay Turbo Lister for Mac" (sorry eBay does not allow outside links). You can also sign the petition which is located on the eBay forums.

Next, write eBay and give them a piece of your mind. The more people who contact eBay, the faster we will get our point across to them about how badly we want Turbo Lister for Macs. To e-mail or phone eBay, click here!

This might seem like a hopeless effort, but if we all contact eBay and show our support for a Mac Turbo Lister version it might actually happen!

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