Tupperware Cleaning

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Can Tupperware be put in the dishwasher?  How do I get stains out of my Tupperware?   Do you have any tips for getting odors out of my Tupperware?  Use these handy tips to clean your Tupperware so they last a lifetime!

Dishwasher:  Tupperware products purchased after September 3, 1979, can be safely washed in the dishwasher (except for Tuppertoys, Cake and Pie Takers, Cheese Server, Ice Cream Scoop, Imprinted Disney products.)  Place the Tupperware securely on the top shelf of the dishwasher where the water will not force them loose.  The Tupperware will melt or warp if they touch the heating elements. Try using Cascade® Plastic Booster™, a new Plastic Cleaning Additive for your dishwasher. It is specially formulated to work with your dishwasher detergent to clean plastics.

Hand Wash:  Tuppertoys, Cake and Pie Takers, Cheese Server, Ice Cream Scoop, Imprinted Disney products and any Tupperware purchased before September 3, 1979 should be handwashed.  When you hand wash Tupperware use warm soapy water and a soft cloth or sponge.  Dry the Tupperware with a soft towel or air-dry away from direct heat.  Avoid any abrasives because they will dull the finish and leave scratches.  

Stains:  For persistent stains soak the Tupperware in a solution of  dishwasher solution and  cold water (1/4 cup solution to 1 cup cold water).  Try  soaking  it in a weak solution of bleach and water.  You can also use baking soda paste on stains but be careful because this can be abrasive and may scratch the Tupperware.  If your Tupperware has been stained red from juice or sauce, apply mustard over the area let it sit overnight then wash in hot soapy water.  Another option is to fill the Tupperware container with water and some baking soda and place it in the freezer. Let the mixture completely freeze. Take it from the freezer, hold the container upside down and clunk out the ice - the Tupperware should be good as new.  To prevent stains, spray non-stick cooking spray such as Pam before filling with food.

Greasy:  A great way to quickly clean sticky greasy Tupperware is to lay down some newspapers, place the Tupperware on it, spray with oven cleaner.  Let stand for a few minutes and wash well in hot soapy water.  For really tough grease, apply a second time.  You can also wipe the Tupperware with a wash cloth or sponge that has been moistened with vinegar.  The vinegar will cut through any grease and remove odors. Dawn Dishwashing Detergent also works well to remove grease.

Odor:  To remove strong odors (i.e. garlic, onion, ect) from Tupperware, stuff black and white newspaper in the Tupperware. Leave the newspaper in the Tupperware for a minimum of 12 hours or a couple of days.  Then remove the newspaper and wash with warm soapy water.  You can also use the same method with a piece of charcoal.

Too Tight Seals:  If a seal is too tight, place it in hot water for a few minutes; dry thoroughly; then apply the seal to the container while it's still warm.

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