Truth about Auto Cool Solar Ventilation System

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Truth about Auto Cool Solar Ventilation System
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So you seen on TV, the new Auto Cool. It is a solar powered fan that is supposed to slip in top of your parked automobile's window to keep it cooler inside.


Don't be scammed.. Here is the truth.


1) It can not be used in the rain. It wont allow your window to roll all the way up, creating a gap for the elements to ruin your vehicle. So if you use this while at work, be prepared to quit your job incase of rain to remove it.

2) The gap.. with a gap, why bother locking your vehicle. Thieves will be able to slip a coat hanger etc.. to easily open your vehicle.

3) The gap!! With a gap alone, you car will cool. So why bother adding this weak fan, when the gap alone that it creates would do near the same??

4) It does not work with window tint.

5) Says it fits any car window.. It does not fit my 1960 bug. The corner of my window is gapped too wide for the rubber stripping and leaves an even bigger gap. For bees, and wasps to hijack you when you enter the vehicle.

6) Must be removed for driving. Says it will block view. It would probably burn up from the wind moving the blade too much also.




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