Treeless Kuda Leather-Flex Tree Saddles

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The purpose of this guide is to introduce a new saddle fitting technology. Leather-Flex by Kuda Saddlery and Tack and sold by PFL Inc.  A treeless saddle with bars made of leather and foam that gives the support and feel of a treed saddle with the flex and comfort of a treeless.

The newest generation of saddles is clearly the flex tree saddles. You cannot open a magazine without seeing an ad for a new model. Some have formed trees that flex and bend to pressure. Others are treeless and their shape is determined by layers of various materiels.

The treeless Kuda Leather-Flex Tree Saddle is in this new catagory of saddles. It is not truly a treeless saddle, but has bars made of leather and foam which support the rider and forms to the conformation of the horses back.

The original Kuda Leather-Flex Saddles were made for the Paso Fino Horse who is gaited, narrow in the shoulder and needs wither and shoulder relief. The saddle has a rigid pommel that raises the gullet up away from the wither so the Paso has freedom to raise the head and neck up. Because there is no hard bars, there is no pressure on the shoulder blade thus letting the Paso Fino move and gait freely. The flexible bars extend back to a rigid cantle that keeps the rider pushed forward and seated properly. These same bars raise the rider up so seat bones do not sore the horse. Padding in the seat allow the rider to ride for extended hours without seat ache. Thick wool felt on the under side of the saddle is cut away down the spine area to provide a nice air channel.

It was quickly determined that what is good for the Paso fino is also good for other gaited breeds. Icelandic Ponies, Tennessee Walkers, Fox Trotters, Rocky Mountain Horses, Andalusian, and others are now benefiting from the new found freedom found in the Kuda Leather Flex Saddles. These saddles are now made for a large variety of horse breeds, even the trotting breeds, as three widths of gullets accomodate the various wither sizes.

One good reason for choosing the Kuda Leather-Flex over other treeless saddles is the high gullet and spine relief. A good reason to choose it over other flexible yet treed saddles is the very flexible bars that (in conjunction with the rigid pommel) will fit smaller type horses or those who have conformation issues such as protruding spine and or withers.

The Kuda Leather-Flex Tree Saddles come in narrow, medium, and wide widths, and 5 styles; English, Flex Trail, Flex Western, Flex Premier, and Endurance. They come in premium leather or synthetic materiels. Comfort for you and your horse. What a concept!


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