Traveling with Oxygen: Car, RV, Rail or Bus

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When you're traveling on the ground, you'll have fewer worries and more time to enjoy the sights. But as with all other types of travel, it's best to start making arrangements several weeks before your trip and to get advice from your doctor or respiratory therapist. Carry your important medical documents and make oxygen refill arrangements (if not using a portable oxygen concentrator) bu phone in advance.

Altitude can be as much of a factor in land travel as it is in an airplane. Check with your auto club or local library or internet for maps that provide the altitudes you'll encounter along your route. Your doctor may want to test your tolerance for these heights and alter your oxygen prescription.


AMTRAK : 60 Massachusetts Ave. N.E., Washington, DC 20002-4225: (800) USA-RAIL (ask for the Special Services Desk)

Fee: None

Notice: 12 hours in advance.

Equipment Specifications: The equipment must not weigh more than 75 pounds per unit and must be UL or FM listed. Two tanks can be used, provided they can be separated and handled separately. Concentrators may be boarded, but they must have a 12-hour backup supply. This backup oxygen must not require the use of on-board electrical power and must conform to all other restrictions. Passengers must have enough oxygen for the advised total travel time, plus a safety margin of 20%. All wheeled oxygen tanks must have the wheels removed while on board the train.

Other Information: Amtrak only accepts passengers with oxygen who require it for medical reasons. You do not need to carry your prescription, although it is prudent to do so. Oxygen passengers are encouraged to occupy sleeping accommodations, but this is not mandatory. They must, however, travel in nonsmoking areas of the train and may not occupy any areas where smoking is allowed (in designated areas only).



Traveling in your own car or motor-home gives you the most freedom of all. You can take along your own portable respiratory equipment  (either the portable oxygen concentrators such as the Inogen One, Sequal Eclipse, or the Invacare Homefill; all of which International Medical Distributors can supply) (Due to ebay policies we are unable to show these products but we can answer all your questions toll free: 1-877-984-5050) and/or arrange refills along the way.

If not using one the new portable oxygen concentrators such as the Inogen One or the Sequal Eclipse be sure to store your oxygen safely. Keep vehicle windows slightly open to allow adequate ventilation, and never store full tanks of gaseous oxygen in the trunk or where they may reach 120 F. In motor-homes, stay away from heat and flames.

Also be aware of pollution and its effect on your breathing. Use your vehicle's air conditioner, and plan to travel early in the morning or late in the evening on heavily used roads.


GREYHOUND: PO Box 660362, Dallas, TX 75266-0362: (800) 822-2662 or (800) 752-4841 (Customer Relations)

Fee: None

Notice: Call Customer Relations 48 hours in advance, if possible, for information.

Equipment Specifications: Passengers who need oxygen may carry a portable system on board.  If using a tank, the size of a tank is limited to what the passenger can carry onto the bus. Empty oxygen containers can be checked as baggage.

Other Information: Greyhound's policy for passengers traveling with oxygen cna be found in Traffic Bulletin TFB2-86(which details Greyhound's policy for passengers traveling with oxygen). Greyhound does not permit smoking on its buses; there is designated smoking areas in the depots.

Let International Medical Distributors assist you in making your next trip, vacation or sight seeing tour with travel oxygen hassle free and a memorable success. Our new leasing program (weekly) ensures receiving a portable oxygen concentrator to fit your travel needs. Call toll free: 1-877-984-5050 and see how a new 9 lb. oxygen concentrator allows you visit out of state love ones and see new sunrises. 




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