Traditional Arts and Crafts - Egypt (BRASS AND COPPER)

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Using a coping saw. the traditional artist cuts out geometrical and floral decorations and calligraphy in brass and copper sheets, that can be hung on the walls as pieces of art. or may be welded together to make small lanterns or huge chandeliers.

The brass and copper may be inlaid with gold and silver. Using a steel chisel the artist first creates a groove in the surface of the brass. He repeats this creating close parallel lines. He uses silver or gold thin wires and hammers one end of the wire to fix it at the beginning of the groove. He continues hammering the wire along the groove until it occupies the whole space. He repeats this act in all neighboring grooves thus creating parallel lines of the precious metal.
Using the other end of his hammer's head he continues hammering parallel lines till the lines give the appearance of a flat piece of the precious metal, as if welded to the brass.

The artist may use the steel chisel to carve floral or geometrical decorations in the silver or gold surface.

Brass can be used to cast floral or geometrical decorations to be fixed on main doors of important buildings.

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