Tracking your Ebay Shipment with Paypal Shipping.

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Tracking your Ebay Shipment with Paypal Shipping.
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Tracking your shipment with Paypal Shipping Service


A majority of Ebay Sellers now use the Paypal Shipping Service, This service provides them the use of the United States Postal Service and also UPS shipping services.

Both services are very useful and make the shipping process faster and more efficient for high volume Ebay Sellers and Powersellers.

In our business we do the majority of our shipping with Priority Mail throught the post office.  We have found this service to be most effective in getting our product to our customers in lighting fast shipping service.  Most customers are exteremly pleased with the ship time, and Paypal automatically generates the Tracking Info for the Buyer.

  •  Some tips on how to keep track of your item when shipped through this service. 

  • We have ran across numerous times that customers will ask us "were is their shipment," or "when was it shipped," or "can you please provide the tracking number."  The great thing about this service is it is directly connected to your ebay sellers account and the item that you purchased. 

  • As soon as we create the label, an email is generated to us and the the buyer with the tracking info.  If this email should get lost, a customer can go into the "Order Details" of the product find the tracking number.  It will display it right next to the product, and is actually a link the customer can click on to check package status.

  • Unfortunately, usually the info is not updated throughly until it is at there main branch of post office.  But is still a piece of mind to our customers that there package is on its way.

Please keep in mind that we want you to get your product as fast as you need it.  We understand the reason for you buying from our Ebay business is because you have usually a direct need for this appliance repair part ASAP.  And we want you to get that laundry done as fast as possible, Ext.

Thanks for checking out our Guide, Hope to be there for your Appliance Parts Needs in the Future.

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