Top 7 Overhead Car Monitors W/Built-in Player

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Top 7 Overhead Car Monitors W/Built-in Player
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Overhead car monitors enable passengers to watch videos and movies from anywhere within a vehicle. There are several of these products on the market, and many feature a built-in disc player. Buyers who are in the market for an overhead monitor with a built-in disc player have several things to consider, including the price of an item, its features, and the overall quality of the player. Buyers can consider top products on the market in order to find the best unit for their budget and needs.

The BV11.2MC monitor by BOSS contains an 11.2-inch screen with 1024x600-pixel resolution. The built-in infrared transmitter features two channels, enabling owners to use their wireless headphones with more than one monitor in a vehicle. Furthermore, the monitor swivels 30 degrees for easy viewing from different seating positions. BOSS creates three different colors for the housing of the player, which makes it easy to match it to the interior of a vehicle. In addition to CDs and DVDs, the player can play videos in either DivX or AVI formats from a USB flash drive or an SD memory card..

2 Clarion VT1010B

Clarion's VT1010B features a 10.2-inch LCD screen with adjustable levels for contrast, color, brightness, and tint. It uses a built-in wireless infrared transmitter with the two included headphones, and a wireless remote control enables users to easily navigate options on the player. Owners can connect external video and music players through the device's 3.5-mm jack, and the player also has ports for USB drives and SD cards. The VT1010B reads original and burned CDs and DVDs. It includes white LED lights that make it easy to use in low-light conditions.

3 Power Acoustik PMD-121CMX

The PMD-121CMX from Power Acoustik contains a 12.1-inch screen that produces 800x600-pixel resolution. The box includes three skins with different colors to help buyers match the player to the interior of their vehicle. The colors include gray, beige, and black. Like other monitors on the market, the PMD-121CMX plays USB drives and SD cards in addition to CDs and DVDs. The unit includes an infrared transmitter for use with wireless headphones, and its built-in dome lights enable users to access the unit's buttons and drive slots at night.

4 Audiovox VOD108

The 10.2-inch monitor on Audiovox's VOD108 features a resolution of 800x480 pixels. It has a built-in game system with 30 preloaded games, and an included wireless controller enables users to play from anywhere within the vehicle. The ability to play discs and games makes the VOD108 a worthwhile alternative to video-only players.

5 Tview T206IR

With a 20-inch TFT monitor, Tview's T206IR offers one of the largest screens of any overhead monitor on the market. The screen has a resolution of 1240x800 pixels and features adjustable settings for brightness, saturation, contrast, and color. Interior dome lights provide light for nighttime use, and the included remote makes it easy to control the monitor's settings and performance from anywhere within a vehicle. The unit also includes two video inputs.

6 Tview T90DVFD

Tview built its T90DVFD swivel monitor with a 9-inch screen that produces a resolution of 800x480 pixels. The unit features two audio inputs, as well as two video inputs that allow users to connect additional monitors. The player is available in three colors, including black, gray, and tan. The monitor plays video from DVDs, CDs, USB flash drives, and SD cards. Furthermore, an infrared transmitter enables use of wireless headphones, and a built-in FM modulator allows users to play MP3s from an iPod or other portable player over the car stereo.


PYLE's PLRD175IF features a large 17-inch monitor with a resolution of 1280x1024 pixels for some of the clearest video of any in-car monitor. The unit includes an infrared transmitter and dome lights, and the anti-skip function ensures music and videos play smoothly, even on rough roads. A wireless remote control comes included in the package, and push buttons on the front of the device are easy to use. The monitor handles original and burned CDs and DVDs.

How To Buy

You can shop from a broad selection of overhead car monitors from the sellers on eBay. Locate a specific monitor by entering keywords into the search field, such as " Tview T206IR." You can also browse listings by using category links. Review information about a product and its seller before committing to a purchase, and leave feedback about your experience with a seller once you receive your item to inform future buyers. The high number of overhead car monitors on the market can make it difficult to choose one that is suitable for your needs. Compare features of top products to begin shopping for the best car monitor available.
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