Top 6 Sunglasses for Women

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Top 6 Sunglasses for Women
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During the hot summer months, the sun is especially intense. Even during fall and winter, the brightness of the sun is sometimes hard on the naked eye. In addition to being a functional, practical product that filters harmful rays and reduces eye strain, sunglasses are also a favorite fashion accessory. They offer women another way to accessorize outfits and show off their personality.
The best sunglasses blend excellent filtering and durable construction with style and flair. Before women invest in a new pair of sunglasses, they should check out the top sunglasses on the market. Sunglasses are available in nearly every brick and mortar department store, drugstore, and accessories shop. eBay and other online retailers also sell them. Women who want a low price coupled with high quality should check eBay for these most popular styles of sunglasses.

1 Tom Ford Whitney Sunglasses

Tom Ford Whitney sunglasses are among the top sunglasses for women. The style garners high praise from consumers and style experts for its unique shape and excellent fit. From the front, the frames resemble an infinity symbol. At the temples, the sunglasses feature a simple metallic band by way of adornment, keeping the overall look minimalistic and modern. The left lens bears the Tom Ford name near the top in small, thin letters.

Tom Ford Whitney sunglasses come in a few different color schemes. The chart below shows the correspondence between frame color and lens color.

Frame Color

Lens Color

Vivid pink




Deep blue


The lenses of the Tom Ford Whitney sunglasses are polarized and offer full protection from UV rays. They are 64 mm wide. These high-end, top-quality sunglasses are just slightly less expensive than the Dior Ondine sunglasses.

2 Dior Ondine Sunglasses

Christian Dior is known for its designer accessories and fashion for women. Each Dior product is a tangible expression of grace, beauty, and lasting elegance. Dior has many different styles of sunglasses available for women, including the Dior "Ondine" style.
The Dior Ondine sunglasses are made in Italy. The lenses are created from high-grade plastic, while the frames are made of resin. The sunglasses are available in a few different colors and patterns: tortoise shell, black, or plum. The sunglasses feature broad coverage of the temples, allowing space for a spray of crystal flowers and leaves. Around the Dior logo at the temple, larger Swarovski crystals enhance the beauty of the frames. At the front, the lenses are large and square, with rounded corners, providing maximum coverage for the eyes and giving the wearer a glamorous celebrity look.
Dior's Ondine sunglasses have a 58-mm lens with an 18-mm bridge and a 125-mm temple. According to owners, the sunglasses are well-crafted and can even withstand being dropped. They also offer 100 percent UV protection for users. Being designer accessories, the Dior Ondine sunglasses are priced accordingly, representing a significant investment for buyers. However, their impressive quality and high-end feminine flair may be well worth the price.

3 Roberto Cavalli Drop-Temple Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Cat-eye sunglasses are a modern trend, and  Roberto Cavalli's Drop-Temple Cat-Eye sunglasses represent the best in this style. They are about half the price of the Dior Ondine sunglasses and are thus much friendlier to the average woman's budget. Their large frames and unique design aesthetic are sure to make wearers feel stylish and special.
Made in Italy, the Roberto Cavalli Drop-Temple Cat-Eye sunglasses have gradient lenses, with the Roberto Cavalli name in small script at the very top of the left lens. The sunglasses feature complete UVA and UVB protection, with enough of a dark hue to prevent eye strain in the bright sun. The temple of the sunglasses resembles a double silver chain or rope, looping gracefully down and running along the side of the face to the earpiece. The enamel frames around the lenses feature just enough of the cat-eye shape to be alluring rather than distracting. The curves of the frames and lenses enhance multiple different face shapes, ensuring that any woman looks amazing when she puts on the sunglasses. According to customer reviews, these sunglasses are comfortable and lightweight.

4 Kate Spade Hilde Sunglasses

The  Kate Spade Hilde sunglasses for women look like classic large-frame sunglasses, but they have a fun, quirky flair. The outside of the temple and earpiece is black or deep brown, but the inside surface is covered in a riot of multi-colored stripes, with hues ranging from grass green and crimson to vivid blue, purple, and white. The front frames around the lenses also come in different colors. Buyers can choose to have both the inner and outer portions of the frames in smooth black, or they can opt for a color combination in which the inner rim is olive and the outer one is turquoise tortoise. The third option has dark brown inner rims and purple tortoise outer rims. On the left temple is a small gold plaque with the logo for  Kate Spade New York. The Kate Spade Hilde sunglasses have 54-mm lenses, a 16-mm bridge, and a 135-mm temple length.
Of all the color options, consumers appear to prefer the olive and turquoise version. The turquoise portion of the frame is translucent, with a color resembling that of the tropical surf on a sunny day. The Caribbean aura of these sunglasses often wins over women who are planning a beach trip or who want to bring the beach atmosphere with them wherever they go.

5 Michael Kors Camila Sunglasses

Consumers give five-star ratings to the   Michael Kors Camila sunglasses, praising them for their light weight and comfortable fit. These streamlined, minimalist sunglasses come in pure white, a hot style for summer. They can also be purchased in black, nude, or tortoise, depending on the buyer's preference.
Around the eyes, the lenses and frames take on a subtle cat-eye shape, giving a nod to this modern trend, while keeping the look tasteful and flattering to multiple face shapes.
Each temple has a small square- or diamond-shaped section in amber tortoise, bordered by metallic accents and featuring the Michael Kors name. For some of the colors, including black, the metallic accents at the temples and brows are silver. For the white sunglasses, they are gold.
The lenses of the Michael Kors Camila sunglasses feature 100 percent UV protection, but are not polarized. Each of the color versions includes brown lenses with a rosy tint. The frames have a 60-mm lens width, a 15-mm bridge width, and a 130-mm temple length.

6 Guess GUF7022 Sunglasses

Guess is a sexy, fashionable brand that prices its products well within the reach of the average consumer. The  Guess GUF7022 sunglasses are a low-budget option for women, yet they still provide high quality and glamor. They receive top ratings from buyers for their sleek, movie-star looks. The large frames of these sunglasses are softly rectangular, tapering to slim, comfortable earpieces. At the temples, the sunglasses boast a triple "G" design in silver, creating a lovely embellishment and cleverly concealing the hinge.
The Guess GUF7022 sunglasses come in shiny black with gray lenses or in pale metallic pink with brown lenses. They offer 100 percent UV protection. The lenses of these sunglasses are 60 mm wide with a 17-mm bridge width, and they are 130 mm long in the temples.

How to Buy Sunglasses for Women on eBay

If you are interested in one of the top six pairs of sunglasses for women, check eBay first before visiting local retailers to save time and money. Filter your search using your desired price range, condition, and brand. Remember to save the search if you are interested in staying up to date with the available sunglasses on eBay. Saving a search gives eBay permission to email you whenever new listings appear so that you can quickly and easily check prices and features.
As you shop, look for listings that include free shipping and watch for Top Rated Plus seller seals on the listings. These special seals indicate sellers that have strong feedback from their former customers and commit to fast shipping, high-quality products, and superb customer service. Click "Ask a Question" on the listing page if you need more information from a seller.


The most popular styles of sunglasses change from year to year. However, manufacturers reuse certain classic lines, embellishments, and features on a consistent basis. A top pair of stylish sunglasses can quickly become a woman's favorite accessory, carrying her through all seasons with ease. However, women may want to invest in more than one style of sunglasses or in multiple pairs of the same style. This is particularly true for women with small children, since they may be more prone to breaking, scratching, or losing the sunglasses.
Before women invest in a new pair of sunglasses, especially designer sunglasses, they need to ensure a good, comfortable fit. They also must ensure that their budget can handle the cost. Finally, shoppers should be sure to buy their sunglasses from a seller that offers affordable prices on high-quality, classy sunglasses for women.
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