Top 5 Storage Sheds

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As seasons change, consumers often re-organize their possessions in order to keep items they need handy. Heavy winter jackets, gloves, and snow shovels come out of storage in the winter, as t-shirts, shorts, and beach toys come out in the summer. With so many seasonal possessions, consumers can benefit greatly from a storage shed. In addition, storage sheds can provide a quiet, private place for a workshop, a potting shed, or a reading nook. By reviewing the features and benefits of the top storage sheds, consumers can determine which shed they should invest in to best meet their storage and hobby needs.
1 Lifetime 60057
Lifetime 60057

At 7 feet tall, the Lifetime 60057 Plastic Storage Shed provides consumers with plenty of room for all their storage and utility needs. The steel and polyethylene structure provides adequate storage safe from the elements and safe for consumers with slip-resistant flooring. Featuring a screened vent on the front and back of the structure, as well as an impact-resistant, translucent skylight, and two corner shelves, consumers have plenty of room, airflow, and natural light available. Whether using this storage shed for tool storage, a potting shed, or just a quiet place to kick back and relax, consumers can rest assured the shed's contents remain safe with steel-reinforced polyethylene doors, galvanized-steel door hinges, and high-impact handles with a metal latching lock.

2 Lifetime Products 6405
Lifetime Products 6405

With dual-wall polyethylene panels and steel A-frame trusses, the Lifetime 6405 Outdoor Storage Shed offers consumers 8 feet by 10 feet of storage space protected from the elements. Slip-resistant floors keep consumers safe during wet weather or spills, and high-impact handles with metal latching keeps the doors fastened under pressure. Exterior padlock loops and two interior deadbolts keep contents secure, while four impact-resistant skylights and one polycarbonate window provide plenty of light for occupants while storing belongings or engaging in hobbies. This storage shed also provides two front corner shelves and three rear shelves.

3 Suncast GS1000B
Suncast GS1000B

When a small storage shed can satisfy the consumer's needs, the Suncast GS1000B may be a perfect fit. 20 cubic feet of storage space provides plenty of room for lawn maintenance tools and appliances, gardening supplies, or even storage for chopped wood in the winter. Consumers can also store trash and recycling bins inside to keep animals out. Just under 3 feet high, consumers can easily lift the lid and use the lid prop to keep it open. Doors on the front allow for greater access, and when consumers finish they can lock the doors and lid securely. The weather resistant plastic walls, lid, and flooring keep contents safe from the elements, and the storage shed does not require any additional tools for assembly.

4 Suncast BMS4900
Suncast BMS4900

Fitted with double-wall resin, the Suncast BMS4900 provides a durable structure for safe storage without any concerns of peeling paint, weathering wood, or rusting metal that needs maintenance or restoration. Consumers can simply hose down the interior and exterior, using a mild detergent for more intense cleaning as needed. The lid slides back to provide walk-in access to consumers, and 98 cubic feet provides plenty of room for storing bikes, lawn mowers, snow blowers, and other larger yard maintenance appliances. Consumers can assemble the shed within 45 to 90 minutes with a few basic tools. The reinforced floor provides solid support for heavy appliances.

5 Lifetime Products 6446
Lifetime Products 6446

Lifetime 6446 provides consumers with 15 feet by 8 feet of quality storage space. Two polycarbonate windows and six small polypropylene provide plenty of natural light to consumers, while two screened vents maintain adequate airflow. Consumers can benefit greatly from the two MDF pegboards, equipped with metal tool hooks to aid in hanging tools, shelves, and other supplies. Utilizing an internal spring latch mechanism and high-impact handles to keep the doors fastened, consumers can also use the exterior padlock loop or two interior deadbolts for added security when necessary.


How to Buy

You can find a storage shed that fits your needs without blowing your budget on eBay. Typing " storage sheds" into the search bar on any eBay page provides new and used options that you can then sort according to your preferences. After you decide which features are most important to you, check the eBay Deals for current deals on storage sheds. Consumers should review the feedback on any seller's page and purchase from a reputable seller, or from a Top-rated seller, who may offer free shipping. When using an outdoor shed for a workshop space or tool storage, consumers can create a place of their own while saving room in their home.
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