Top 5 Samsung Solid-State Drives

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Samsung manufactures all sorts of electronics from televisions to smartphones. Its data storage solutions, particularly its solid-state drives (SSDs), offer high speeds, reliability, and quality engineering. In general, solid-state drives are the choice for computer users who want fast speeds, as solid-state drives boot up and retrieve files faster than hard disk drives (HDDs). The solid-state drives do not have moving parts so they are quieter, generate less heat, and are less prone to damage. Samsung gives consumers a variety of capacities to choose from. The drives are compact and lightweight, suitable for use in desktop computers as well as laptops and ultra-portable devices.
1 Samsung MZ-7PD512BW
Samsung MZ-7PD512BW

Samsung's MZ-7PD512BW SSD is from the 840 Pro series. With a 512 GB capacity, it is ideal for gamers, videographers, and others who need high speeds and high capacities. It uses multi-level cell (MLC) flash technology. The 2.5-inch hard drive is SATA III compliant, offering sequential read and write speeds of 540 MBps and 520 MBps, respectively. The MZ-7PD512BW weighs 2 oz and measures 0.28 inches thick. The drive has AES 256-bit full disk encryption (FDE) for users who need the security as well as 512 MB DDR2 DRAM cache, which helps smooth out performance.


2 Samsung MZ-7PC128B/WW
Samsung MZ-7PC128B/WW

The Samsung MZ-7PC128B/WW is from the Samsung 830 series. At 128 GB, this drive is ideal for everyday users who want more reliable storage and faster boot times. In fact, the drive boots a computer in as little as 15 seconds. It uses multi-level cell (MLC) flash. SATA III compliant, the drive has sequential read and write speeds of 520 MBps and 320 MBps, respectively, with a 256 MB DDR2 DRAM cache that acts as a buffer. The drive is only 0.28 inches thick and weighs 2.15 oz.

3 Samsung MZ-7TE120BW
Samsung MZ-7TE120BW

The MZ-7TE120BW is a 120 GB solid-state drive from Samsung's 840 EVO series. The capacity makes it a good choice for users who focus on boosting performance, and it uses triple-level cell (TLC) flash technology. As a 2.5-inch SATA III drive, it has 256-bit AES FDE and a fifth-generation, three-core MEX controller. The EVO series uses TurboWrite technology to boost speeds as compared with the 840 series, tripling the write speed from 130 MBps to 410 MBps in a 120 GB drive. It delivers sequential a read speed of 540 MBps. The 256 MB DRAM cache helps boost performance, but users can also enable software to use a computer's free RAM as a cache as well. The EVO is as compact as the other Samsung drives at 0.28 inches thick and weighing just 2 oz.

4 Samsung MZ-7TD250BW

Samsung's MZ-7TD250BW is an 840 Series solid-state drive with a 250 GB capacity, making it ideal for casual users who need faster speeds in their computers or want storage room for some HD media. This SATA III, 2.5-inch drive weighs 2 oz and measures 0.28 inches thick. It features 256-bit AES FDE for security plus a MDX controller. This Samsung drive boots a computer in as little as 10 seconds. The MZ-TD250BW has a 512 MB DDR2 SDRAM cache memory to act as a buffer, and it offers read speeds of 540 MBps and write speeds of 250 MBps. The 840 series uses triple-level cell (TLC) flash technology, compared to multi-level cell (MLC), which uses two cells instead of three.

5 Samsung MZ-7PC064B/WW

Samsung's MZ-7PC064B/WW is a 64 GB solid-state drive from Samsung's 830 series. This 2.5-inch drive is SATA III compliant and uses multi-level cell (MLC) flash and an MCX controller. The 64 GB capacity makes the MZ-7PC064B an ideal choice for users who have cloud storage or a larger secondary drive for storing files and media. It boots a computer in as little as 15 seconds. It has a 256 MB DRAM buffer and delivers 520 MBps and 160 MBs sequential read/write speeds. This Samsung drive measures just 0.28 inches thick and weighs 2.15 oz.


How To Buy

You can find Samsung hard drives for competitive prices by shopping eBay. Start by deciding what capacity you need, and whether you need a top of the line model. Even entry- and consumer-grade solid-state drives offer substantial improvements when replacing a hard disk drive. Browse eBay's listings and look for top-rated sellers, offers of free shipping, or even expedited shipping if you need your Samsung drive quickly. You can also find accessories such as mounting kits and SATA cables. When you switch to a Samsung drive, you will see much faster performance in your computer and get more reliable storage with lower power draws and little heat. These features ultimately can extend the life of your computer.

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