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Top 5 Baby Movement Monitors of 2013

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Safe-sleeping products are common purchases for many parents, and baby movement monitors are no exception. The top 5 baby movement monitors of 2013 come equipped with a variety of features and provide parents with peace of mind as they place their child in bed. These units can effectively alert parents when the child is not moving or breathing correctly. Many also function as audio monitors, and some include video monitoring as well. Overall, these monitors are extremely helpful for parents who worry about their little ones throughout the night and wish to have reassurance that their child is sleeping safely and soundly. As parents begin to research each of the top 5 baby movement monitors outlined, they are encouraged to keep their family-specific needs in mind.
1 Snuza Hero Baby Movement Monitor
The Snuza Hero Baby Movement Monitor was created to give parents peace of mind when they put their baby down to sleep. The portable, easy-to-use unit simply attaches to baby's diaper and works to sense even the slightest movements through contact with the baby's navel area. Once the ergonomically designed unit has been attached and activated, it immediately begins sensing movements. If no movement is sensed for 15 seconds, the Snuza Hero gently vibrates in an attempt to rouse the baby. If no movement is sensed within 5 seconds thereafter, the unit alerts parents by sounding an alarm.

While many baby movement monitors utilize an under-the-mattress pad, the Snuza Hero provides added convenience because it is simply attached to the diaper. This makes it ideal for travel and nap time anywhere. The Snuza Hero does not send or receive radio frequency signals and can be left attached and activated at all times without worry. It is recommended for use on children up to 1 year old.

2 Angelcare Baby Video Sound and Movement Baby Monitor System AC1100
The Angelcare AC1100 Monitor System is ideal for parents wanting both a movement monitor and a baby video/sound monitor. The movement monitor consists of an under-mattress sensor pad that notifies parents if no movement is detected for 20 seconds. The live baby monitor nursing unit allows parents to see their child in real time and in color from the parent unit. These two units can also function as a two-way radio, so parents can soothe the child with the sound of their voice even from a different room. The parent unit also comes equipped with a temperature display and an audio tic feature.

The Angelcare AC1100 also has added features for safety and convenience. The sensor pad is fully adjustable so parents can select their desired sensitivity level. Furthermore, a timer on the unit keeps track of baby's sleep time and awake time. The live baby monitor camera angle is also fully adjustable and has a zoom-in and zoom-out feature. Nighttime viewing is made possible with the infrared camera option as well. Finally, the entire unit is fully portable and rechargeable.

3 BabySense Infant Movement Monitor

The two transmitting pads included in the BabySense Infant Movement Monitor give parents the extra feeling of security they desire. The sensor pads can be placed under the pillow and the mattress to better monitor baby's movements, including breathing. Or, if the baby sleeps in two different areas, one sensor pad can be utilized in each location. Regardless, if at any point the unit senses a reduction in movement for more than 20 seconds, the corresponding monitor alerts parents. This is done through an alarm and a red light. This allows parents to act quickly and without hesitation. Alternatively, if movement is normal and consistent, a green light flashes.
The BabySense Infant Movement Monitor is simple to use and activate. Once the sensor pads have been placed under the mattress or pillow, the unit only requires a press of a button to begin the monitoring process. No harmful radiation is emitted at any time, and a low-battery indicator light clearly indicates when the batteries need to be replaced.

4 Safe to Sleep: Sleep and Breathing Monitor

For parents who utilize smartphones, the Safe to Sleep monitor is an investment worth making. The unit can be easily connected to a smartphone or the included parent unit to track baby's movements throughout the night. The SleepMat, which can hold infants up to 25 lbs, is completely water resistant and made of anti-microbial fabric. The mat accurately monitors the baby's breathing and movements and then transmits the information directly to the smartphone or parent unit. A real-time breath wave appears on the device, and an alarm sounds when there is a change in breathing rate or cessation of breathing.
Parents can also determine baby's sleep cycles using the Safe to Sleep technology. The SleepLog tracks sleeping time, while also creating a comprehensive report of sleep quality. Music can be directly streamed to the SleepMat as well, which can lull the baby to sleep quicker. Finally, the fact that this unit is also portable and completely wireless makes it ideal for people on the go.

5 Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature DECT Digital Sensor Pad Monitor

The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature DECT Monitor offers parents reassurance as they put their child down to sleep. The unit utilizes interference-free monitoring to inform parents about baby's movements. The Sensisleep pad can be easily placed under baby's mattress and provides direct correspondence to the parent unit. If 20 seconds pass and no movement is sensed, the pad sends a signal to the parent unit and an alarm sounds. The included audio monitor can be employed throughout the night as well to transmit any sounds and crying. Furthermore, the nursery monitor determines the temperature in the baby's room and displays it on the parent unit. A night light is also equipped on the nursery monitor and can be remotely controlled from the parent unit.
For added ease, the parent unit contains a talk-back feature so the baby can hear mom or dad's voice without the parent even entering the room. A belt clip ensures that the parents unit is always on hand. However, if the parent unit does go missing, a button on the nursing unit can be used to quickly locate the parent unit.

Overview of the Top 5 Baby Movement Monitors of 2013

In order to choose the right baby movement monitor to meet their needs, parents should be aware of the various features each one comes equipped with. This allows for a more informed decision and greater satisfaction with the purchase.

Baby Movement Monitor

Notable Features

Snuza Hero Baby Movement Monitor

Portable, attaches to the diaper, alarm sounds 5 seconds after trying to rouse child with vibration after 15 seconds of no movement

Angelcare Baby Video Sound and Movement Baby Monitor System AC1100

Under-mattress sensor pad alerts parents after 20 seconds of no movement, live video monitor displays child with adjustable camera options, unit functions as two-way radio

BabySense Infant Movement Monitor

Two transmitting under-mattress pads for added convenience, alarm sounds and red light flashes after 20 seconds of reduced movement, one-press activation to use

Safe to Sleep: Sleep and Breathing Monitor

Smartphone friendly, water-resistant sensor pad sends alarm to phone if changes in breathing occur, sleep quality reports created, music can be streamed to sensor pad

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature DECT Digital Sensor Pad Monitor

Interference-free monitoring, alarm sounds after 20 seconds of reduced movement, audio monitor can transmit child's cries, unit can be used as a two-way radio

All of the devices outlined provide specific features and advantages to make baby movement monitoring simpler and more convenient. To further determine what each monitor offers, review the manufacturer's guidelines of each.

Buying Baby Movement Monitors on eBay

By utilizing eBay Baby, you can find an extensive listing of the various monitors outlined. To find an individual monitor, enter a descriptive phrase in the search box found on any page. Examples include "BabySense Infant Movement Monitor" or "Snuza Hero Baby Movement Monitor." Once the results have loaded, you can easily narrow the listings according to format, condition, price, and location. To see items that offer free shipping, simply choose the free shipping option from the refinements list.
Once you have found a baby movement monitor that best meets your needs, review the product description and the seller's information. The product description should thoroughly review the product, as well as provide pictures. It is also imperative to consider the seller's feedback and overall rating. This allows you to determine if the seller is reliable and reputable.


Baby movement monitors are a sensible addition to any nursery. They can provide parents with the peace of mind of knowing their child is sleeping sounding or call them to action in the event that a change in movement or breathing is sensed. With the variety of baby movement monitors available, parents can easily find a device that meets their needs and the needs of their child.
This list of the top baby monitoring devices of 2013 provides a good starting point for parents to begin their research. Parents can quickly consider which features they require from the information above to help determine which movement monitor is right for them. Then parents can read reviews from other parents to see what others have to say about the monitor. This helps parents choose the best monitor for their needs.
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