Top 5 AAA Batteries

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AAA batteries are used in a wide variety of household and consumer electronics and are available in several different compositions. Single-use AAA batteries include those made with alkaline, lithium, zinc carbon, nickel metal hydride (NiMH), and nickel oxyhydroxide (NiOOH). Before deciding which type of AAA battery to purchase, it is crucial for consumers to understand the variations between the different types in order to choose the ideal battery for a specific need. Always check a specific device for information regarding which type of battery is required or most compatible. For example, when shopping for camera batteries, knowing which types of batteries deliver the best results for the power needs of cameras ensures a positive shopping outcome and user experience. Additionally, some devices can only accept a specific type of battery, which can be a major factor when deciding which type of battery to purchase.
1 Duracell Alkaline

ConsumerSearch ranked the Duracell Coppertop as the best single-use alkaline battery for longer-lasting performance over other tested brands. ConsumerSearch and user reviews indicate that Duracell alkaline batteries last longer than some rechargeable batteries, even when used in higher-drain devices. The two types of Duracell single-use AAA batteries are  Ultra and Coppertop. Ultra alkaline batteries are a good choice for higher-drain devices such as handheld video games and other frequently used devices, while Coppertop batteries are ideal for remote controls, smoke alarms, and even children's toys. Duracell AAA alkaline batteries are a reliable option for consumers seeking a single-use alkaline battery at a low cost.

2 Duracell Nickel Oxyhydroxide (NiOOH)

Duracell PowerPix batteries are non-rechargeable, nickel oxyhydroxide batteries that are part of the Ultra line of Duracell batteries. These batteries are intended to meet the high-drain demands of digital cameras and they deliver twice the output of an alkaline battery. Consumer ratings across the Internet give Duracell PowerPix batteries good ratings for quality and duration of performance. Nickel oxyhydroxide batteries look very similar to an alkaline AAA battery, but they have a different chemical composition. Single-use NiOOH batteries are an ideal choice when rechargeable camera batteries are not desirable.

3 Energizer Lithium
ConsumerSearch singled out  Energizer Ultimate lithium batteries as best-reviewed for powerful and long-lasting performance. AAA lithium batteries are ideal for powering high-drain electronic devices such as cameras and flashlights. Single-use lithium batteries provide up to seven times more energy than an alkaline battery, can perform in extremely cold or hot temperatures, and have an extremely long shelf life with the ability to hold a charge for up to fifteen years when not in use.

Energizer AAA lithium batteries are available in two types: Ultimate and Advanced. Each type is an ideal choice for frequently used devices with a high power demand, such as gaming devices. Additional examples of devices that perform well with lithium batteries include multimedia accessories such as wireless mice and keyboards as well as portable GPS devices. With a lithium battery, consumers receive longer performance life, which reduces the number of times batteries need to be purchased and replaced.

4 Panasonic Zinc Carbon

Zinc carbon batteries were the first type of commercially available battery and, according to users' reviews across the Internet, their efficacy and low cost continue to make them a popular choice. Panasonic zinc carbon batteries are intended for use in low-drain and infrequently used devices such as remote controls, toys, and radios. They have a storage life of up to six years. These batteries are an ideal choice when cost is the driving factor behind the purchase and they are a popular choice when consumers are searching for a large quantity of single-use AAA batteries at a low cost


5 Sanyo Eneloop Nickel Metal Hydride

ConsumerSearch rated the Sanyo Eneloop as the best rechargeable battery. Unlike other rechargeable batteries, these nickel metal hydride batteries contain a specific chemical composition which allows for a more extended charge. They can be used directly out of the package. These batteries have a low self-discharge rate, which delivers a longer-lasting performance between charges. According to the manufacturer, Sanyo Eneloop AAA batteries are capable of completing up to 1,500 charge cycles, with one charge cycle equivalent to the performance of a single-use alkaline battery. User reviews indicate that Eneloop batteries take slightly longer to charge than other rechargeables, but the lower self-discharge rate makes up for increased charging time. The same charger can refill the charge on two batteries at once. When consumers are looking for a reliable, rechargeable AAA battery option, Sanyo Eneloop NiMH batteries are an ideal choice.

Comparing the Top 5 AAA Batteries

The following chart sets forth the top five types of AAA batteries and offers a brief overview and comparison of the features of each battery.

Battery Type



Duracell Alkaline

Single-use disposable AAA alkaline battery

Coppertop ideal for low-drain devices

Ultra well suited for higher-drain devices

Stores easily

Low cost

Ultra and Coppertop varieties available

Duracell Nickel Oxyhydroxide

Specifically designed for high-drain needs of digital cameras

Chemical composition delivers longer-lasting performance

Energizer Lithium

Single-use alternative to alkaline batteries

Lasts up to seven times longer than alkaline batteries

Stores up to 15 years without losing charge

Performs in extreme temperatures

Panasonic Zinc Carbon

Ideal for use in low-drain and infrequently used devices

Low cost

Available in large quantities

Stores for up to six years

Eneloop Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)

Rechargeable battery can be used directly out of package

Low self-drain

Reduces waste and money spent on single-use batteries

Capable of completing up to 1,500 charge cycles

Other brands of single-use AAA batteries include Rayovac and Innovera. Some manufacturers include their own branded batteries in the package with new devices such as remote controls and peripheral electronics.

How to Buy AAA Batteries on eBay

AAA batteries are available at brick-and-mortar stores as well as from a variety of online shopping sources. Choosing to purchase AAA batteries on eBay can save time and money for shoppers. eBay offers an extensive selection of types and quantities of batteries.


To begin searching for AAA batteries on eBay, simply enter a search term such as single-use AAA batteries into the search bar located on each page. Narrow down the results you receive by selecting categories, seller location, price range, or other details. You can also start with an Advanced Search if you know exactly what you are looking for.

Sellers and Feedback

Before making a final purchase decision, it is important to compare the options available from various sellers. Factors to consider include applicable shipping costs and seller feedback. Be sure to add the cost of shipping to the item cost when determining whether an item is appropriate for your budget. Feedback is a reliable indicator of past experiences that other shoppers have had with a seller. You can read the feedback other buyers have left for the seller by clicking on the number next to the seller's username.


When shoppers compare the various types of AAA batteries on the market, understanding the varying chemical components of batteries, as well as the features and benefits of each type, allows consumers to make a fully informed purchasing decision.  Single-use AAA batteries are a common household staple used to power devices such as children's toys, smoke alarms, clocks, radios, digital cameras, remote controls and a variety of other electronics. Important factors to consider when deciding which type of battery is the best choice include the type of device and the length and frequency of use. AAA alkaline and carbon zinc batteries cost less than lithium or NiMH batteries. However, in certain situations, the increased cost is outweighed by longer-lasting performance and higher power output. The top five AAA batteries meet a wide variety of consumer needs, no matter what device needs power. To shop for them from the comfort of your own home, visit eBay.
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