Top 10 Rearview Cameras

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Top 10 Rearview Cameras
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A rearview or back-up camera is a small electronic camera device specially designed to attach to motor vehicles so drivers can easily and safely maneuver large or otherwise difficult vehicles in reverse. The technology of a rearview camera is slightly different from that of regular video cameras, but nonetheless there are dozens of different brands and models on the market. Smart shoppers can find the exact rearview camera they are looking for by conducting some research on the benefits offered by several different brands. Extra careful drivers and large vehicle owners who do not yet know the brand or model that best suits their needs can benefit from some general research of the best reviewed rearview camera options on the market.
1 Rear View Safety System One Camera Setup

With 420 lines of resolution providing excellent clarity and a 130 degree viewing angle to provide a broad scope, the Rear View Safety System One Camera Setup rearview camera already has the solid fundamentals of a great vehicular rearview system. The rugged, water- and weatherproof camera can provides realistic rear view perspective and features a built-in microphone and 18 LED lights that can illuminate up to 50 feet.
All of this connects to a 7-inch color LCD monitor via included waterproof connectors and cables. Truly a worthwhile investment in vehicular rearview camera systems, the Rear View Safety System One Camera Setup rearview camera is the purchase to make if high quality is worth a somewhat steeper price tag.

2 Master Lock Back-Up Camera

Ideal for trucks and other heavy-duty road vehicles, up to and including towing and hauling vehicles, the Master Lock Back-Up Camera is also useful for navigating marine vehicles as well. Easy to install, it features a magnetic base that easily attaches and firmly sticks to any compatible metal surface. The camera itself plugs into any vehicle's existing tow wiring outlet, cutting out the effort and frustration of electrical and wiring work.
The Master Lock Back-Up Camera is on the receiving end of mostly rave reviews. It is one of the most expensive and high-quality options on the market, it is considered well worth the investment.

3 Clover Rear View Color System for Vehicles

The Clover Rear View Color System for Vehicles rearview camera is one of the most highly praised by consumers. Compared to other rearview cameras in its field, the Clover Rear View Color System for Vehicles rearview camera is lauded as having a significantly longer focal length at 130 degrees and larger display. At only one third of an inch in size, it can be mounted safely and inconspicuously to any vehicle. Also ,in contrast to the wireless competition, the Clover Rear View Color System for Vehicles rearview camera is physically wired, so the signal never gets lost.
The Clover Rear View Color System for Vehicles rearview camera comes with a remote control for easy in-transit adjustment and a mounting bracket for optimal screen visibility. Excellent clarity of image lets the operator of the vehicle easily see any obstacles, and durability of design means that it can withstand all but the most extreme of weather conditions.

4 Safesight Micro Flush Mount Reverse Camera

The Safesight Micro Flush Mount Reverse Camera is notable for having the best image clarity and resolution of any of its competition featuring the same screen size. At less than a single square inch in size, the camera itself does not even require special wiring to activate automatically to detect when the vehicle is in reverse. Installation for the Safesight Micro Flush Mount Reverse Camera is a little more complicated than most other models and brands; however, the factory provided instructions are clear and easy to follow.
The viewing angle of the Safesight Micro Flush Mount Reverse Camera is an expansive 170 degrees, making it one of the broadest and most comprehensive rearview camera views available.

5 Pyle 3.5-inch Monitor Wireless Back-Up Rearview & Night Vision Camera System

The first thing a consumers notice about Pyle 3.5-inch Monitor Wireless Back-Up Rearview & Night Vision Camera System is that they are simply packed with useful features: Automatic motion activation means longer battery life. The waterproof unit mounts securely, safely, and unobtrusively to the rear license plate. The wireless system means no messy wiring and electrical projects to complete the installation. Low light compatibility and 380 lines of TV resolution means that the image on the monitor is always crisp and clear. With all of these perks and more, the slightly elevated price tag seems downright reasonable.

6 Sony Rear View Camera

Making the reverse maneuvering and navigation of large trucks and sports utility vehicles easier with every installation, Sony Rear View Cameras provide top-of-the-line quality and performance with a reasonable, mid-range price tag. This all-purpose rearview camera features adjustable tilt as well as a visual scope that reaches almost 140 degrees horizontally and more than 90 degrees vertically. The Sony Rear View Camera comes equipped with plenty of camera and video cable, as well as a variety of simple and convenient options for mounting.

7 Kenwood Universal Rear View Camera With Multi-View

The  Kenwood Universal Rear View Camera With Multi-View is a universal, multiview rear camera that makes navigating and maneuvering a vehicle in reverse not only easier but safer as well. The Kenwood rearview camera system provides maximal rear scope, covering almost 160 degrees vertically and an impressive 190 degrees horizontally. In dash, touch screen control mode and picture in picture functions make viewing those blind and hidden spaces behind the vehicle a safe and simple snap.

8 Peak Wireless Back-Up Camera System

Chief among the  Peak Wireless Back-Up Camera System brand is that it is one of the few that includes a monitor in the basic package although, at less than two and a half inches, it is a small display. In part because a monitor screen is included, Peak models of rearview cameras are very cost-effective and efficient options. That aside, the rearview camera system itself is by no means the most elite and high-tech of the available options. It nonetheless gets the job done and boasts a viewing angle on par with its sleeker competition.
The Peak Wireless Back-Up Camera System is wireless and takes only minutes to install, but if you need customer support or assistance you only option is via telephone.

9 Bravo View License Plate Mounted Rear-view Camera

The Bravo View License Plate Mounted Rear-view Camera is notably the most cost effective option, but it is worth taking into consideration that what is saved in dollars is paid for in useful and dynamic features. The Bravo View License Plate Mounted Rear-view Camera is a simple to install and easy to use RCA to monitor hook up, which prompts mention of another drawback: There is no monitor or display included, making a separate purchase necessary.
The Bravo View License Plate Mounted Rear-view Camera is advertised as being designed specifically for parking purposes and not as a general driving safety aid.

10 Pioneer Universal Rear-View Camera

Featuring proprietary Pioneer navigation and audio visual products, the  Pioneer Universal Rear-View Camera system is a quality brand name system any individual and family can feel good about installing on their home or business vehicle. The extremely compact rearview camera boasts a horizontal scope of 135 degrees and a vertical scope of 105 degrees, which is more than adequate to improve reverse maneuverability vastly.

How to Buy Rearview Cameras on eBay

Once you have taken the time evaluate the individual benefits and advantages of the top reviewed rearview cameras available and have chosen the right brand or model for you, you can take your confidence and expertise to eBay. Enter the product name and keywords into the primary search bar for fast results. You can also use eBay's advanced search options to sort your search results according to price, guaranteeing a great deal every time.

Buying with Confidence on eBay

You can shop online with total peace of mind if you employ just one or two of the many ways eBay provides for you to get to know your seller. You can browse customer Feedback for each merchant and even shop direct listings of eBay's top-rated sellers.


There are many drivers and vehicles who can benefit from the installation of a rearview camera to facilitate any and all reverse maneuvering. With so many different rearview camera options available on the market, however, it is tough to know which brand and model to choose. Making a quick survey of all the best reviewed and most popular rearview cameras can do a lot to inform the savvy shopper of which best suits their needs, lifestyle, and budget. When it is time to browse or buy the right rearview camera,   eBay is where smart shoppers go to find the products and merchandise they are looking for at prices that cannot be found in brick-and-mortar stores.
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