Top 10 Quickest Memory Cards

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Top 10 Quickest Memory Cards
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Photographers know that storage is of the utmost importance when shooting digital photographs and videos. The best memory cards offer fast data transfer speeds so photographers never miss a great shot. Superior memory cards offer a vast amount of storage space so photographers never have to slow down during a session, and compatibility with a range of cameras is important too. Some memory cards offer added features like deleted image recovery to retrieve lost images. For buyers looking for the highest level of performance from a fast and reliable memory card, there are 10 top options to consider when browsing.
1 Lexar 32GB SDHC Professional, Class 10

A quality brand that professionals use, Lexar offers its Lexar 32 GB SDHC Professional Class 10 card for transfers as fast as 60 MB/s. The card includes 32 GB of storage, and a write speed of 10 MB per second. It includes built-in software to recover deleted images.

2 PNY 16GB SDHC Pro-Elite, Class 10

Made for action shots, the PNY 16 GB SDHC Pro-Elite Class 10 card works with HD video and digital photography, and offers 50 MB/s transfer speeds. Compatible with DSLR cameras, the PNY memory card withstands any condition.

3 Verbatim 8GB SDHC Premium, Class 10

The Verbatim 8 GB SDHC Premium Class 10 card offers consumers a Class 10 card with a security feature that prevents file deletion. The card works with any SDHC host, and it stores 8 GB of data. Working at 20 MB/s, the Verbatim card transfers to any computer quickly.

4 Samsung 8GB MicroSDHC, Class 10

Compatible with tablets and cell phones, the Samsung 8 GB MicroSDHC Class 10 card transfers data quickly at 24 MB/s. It holds 8 GB of data securely, and the waterproof card offers Class 10 performance in a stylish design. The MicroSDHC card fits into devices in conjunction with an SD adapter.

5 Samsung 16GB SDHC, Class 10

Compatible with digital cameras and camcorders, the Samsung 16 GB SDHC Class 10 memory card is shock resistant. The high-speed card offers 16 GB of storage and speeds of 24 MB/s. It offers Class 10 speeds and ensures consumers take high quality pictures. X-ray resistance provides added security, and the card works with DSLR or traditional digital cameras.

6 Panasonic 4GB SDHC Class 10

Made to work with SDHC electronics, the Panasonic 4 GB SDHC Class 10 card includes a data transfer rate of 22 MB/s and a waterproof casing. It reads data at a staggering 90 MB/s, and writes at 25 MB/s. The Panasonic offers users an affordable card that works with continuous shooting modes.

7 Lexar Professional 64GB SDXC, Class 10

Loaded with 64 GB of storage space, the Lexar Professional 64 GB SDXC Class 10 memory card offers premium performance. The card includes 90 MB/s reading speeds, and writing speeds of 45 MB/s. The ultra fast card works to capture high definition video and photos, and includes software to rescue lost files.

8 Sony Memory Stick Pro-HG Duo HX MagicGate 8GB

Perfect for photographers who like shooting at constant speeds, the Sony Memory Stick Pro-HG Duo HX MagicGate 8 GB memory card offers 8 GB of storage for DSLR cameras. With 50 MB/s transfer rates, the Sony card functions in all temperatures and even works with copyright protection. Data Rescue software helps retrieve deleted images.

9 Sandisk Extreme Pro 8GB SDHC

A professional card filled with features, the SanDisk Extreme Pro 8 GB SDHC card includes a 95 MB/s rate compatible with DSLR cameras. The SanDisk card supports continuous shooting for the fastest photographs with high-resolution quality. It transfers data at lightning fast speeds, and offers built in error correction.

10 PNY 16GB SDHC Professional, Class 10

A quality card with 16 GB of storage, the PNY 16 GB Professional Class 10 card works in all types of shooting situations, from low light to action. High-speed rates make transferring quick, and the card works with digital and video cameras. The card ensures shooters capture many shots per second.

How To Buy

Whether you run a photography business or simply do not want to miss the perfect shot of your kids playing, memory cards offer many benefits when it comes to capturing, storing, and transferring photos. Search eBay for brands like " Samsung" and "Lexar," and filter results by storage space or memory card format. Purchase cards from Top-rated Plus sellers for the best experience. Memory cards make keeping photos safe for a lifetime simple. They also make it easy to share your favorite photos, upload them to multiple devices, and edit photos. Memory cards ensure that no photo is lost, and professional level cards ensure quick photo transfers.
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