Top 10 Features for a Remote Control

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Although a remote control affords a user a lot of convenience, many remote controls that include a variety of features are also often confusing to a user. One of the great things about remote controls is that there are a wide variety of types on the market. This is helpful since the need of the remote control user often varies from person to person depending on the entertainment choices that are available. Remote controls are located at home electronics stores, retail department stores, and online at eBay. When choosing a remote control, knowing what the top features of the device are the most popular, as well as additional knowledge about the functionality, helps to make the buying process an easier one for many people.
1 Universal Capabilities

Universal remote controls are ones that can operate an electronic device based upon the command codes that an electronic device is equipped with. What makes the features of a universal remote so appealing to consumers is that the remote controls more than one brand of electronic device, sometimes even up to as many as 15 different ones. Not only does the remote offer features to control various brands of electronics, but it also can control more than one device at a time, thus eliminating the need for multiple remote controls. Philips universal remote controls are a very popular brand of universal remote control because of the wide variety of features this controller provides.
Enabling a universal remote control to work with an electronic device is as easy as programming in the manufacturers code into the controller. This can be accomplished by finding the code in the owner's manual that comes with the remote control. Many people choose to purchase a used universal remote and often these controllers may not include the manual, however this does not render the device nonfunctional as most manufacturers' codes can also be obtained from online sources.

2 Personal Computer Capabilities

Remote controls are used for more than standard home entertainment systems. There are also remote controls people can buy that allow them to connect to their personal computers. This connectivity is usually obtained by connecting the computer and the remote control together via a USB cable. The manufacturer's codes for a computer is normally obtained by downloading and installing the programming software that comes with the controller.
Since there are a variety of personal computers available, personal computer compatible remote controls often also have features such as ones that offer a variety of features tailored toward specific computer operating systems, so it is important to know what operating system a controller like this is compatible with before purchasing it.

3 LCD Displays

The features on personal computer remote controls vary between manufacturers and can include options such as LCD screens for a little extra money. LCD remote controls make the process of accessing and utilizing the functions of the remote control easier in many cases than remotes that do not come equipped with this feature. LG remote controls with LCD screens are a popular choice amongst many users who value this type of feature on a remote control device.

4 Intuitive Capabilities

Many remote controls are available that come equipped with intuitive features that learn the habits or common practices of the users. A remote control that offers this type of feature is able to learn a behavioral patterns by storing the codes used by the electronic devices that it receives. When these codes are received by the controller, it can then use them to transmit the codes automatically to the electronic device that it originated from or to another type of device that is equipped to translate the same code. A remote control that has this type of intuitive feature is one that is considered to be a universal remote control; however, it is important to realize that not all universal remotes are intuitive ones, so if this feature is one that is desired, make sure to become familiar with the controller's specifications before buying it. There are many Logitech remote controls that offer this type of feature.

5 Voice Commands

Remote controls with user interfacing capabilities such as voice command control are another feature that is commonly sought out by people seeking a new or used remote control for their audio, visual, or gaming needs. A voice command remote control differs from a typical remote control that uses the push-button type of operational system. Instead a remote control with interfacing capabilities allow people the control to perform the functions they normally would have to command by pushing buttons to be performed by voice commands instead. This gives people more freedom and makes remote control navigation functions easier to perform than trying to remember which function keys need to be activated. Invoca remote controls often come with this type of feature.

6 Touchscreen Capabilities

Remote controls that have touchscreen features are another type of remote that is in high demand. One of the most popular brands of touch screen remotes is the Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote. Not only does it have universal capabilities, but it is a learning remote as well. It can turn on multiple devices in the appropriate order for whichever form of entertainment is chosen, all by simply pressing one command on the remote's touchscreen. Different entertainment activities are labeled on the touchscreen for easy navigation and with the touch of a single icon people can do things such as watch television, listen to music, or watch a movie. This takes all the guesswork out of trying to figure out which buttons to use on other types of remote controls.

7 RF Extenders

Remote controls are considered to be infrared ray (IR) transmitters because it is the infrared rays that control devices from a distance. However, some remote controls also send out radio frequency (RF) signals, which are not able to control the electronic device, but the RF signals are able to extend the IR range. IR ranges are typically 30 feet and having a remote control with RF capabilities gives the user approximately an additional 70 feet beyond the typical range. Having a remote with an RF extender feature is handy for users because of the time it saves them from having to travel longer distances in order to perform a desired remote control function. The Logitech Harmony 1100 remote control is one example of a remote control with a built-in RF extender.

8 Macro Commands

Many remote controls have a feature that utilizes macro commands. A macro is essentially a group of commands that is programmed into the remote control by the user in a specific sequential order that causes the remote to react in a certain way. Once the macro has be initialized, the user must only push one button after that point to perform a command. This saves the user a lot of time and also eliminates the need to remember which sequence of commands needs to be activated in order to activate a certain feature. There are even remote controls that come preprogrammed with common operations already activated so the user needs only to push one button to access entertainment media. The Sony RM-VL1000 remote control is one that has this capability and also allows the user to turn this feature off when desired.

9 Joystick Control

For people who enjoy video gaming activities, there is a remote control that helps to simplify this activity. Remotes with joystick controls are very popular amongst people in the gaming community because these remote eliminate the need for multiple controller. The Logitech Harmony Ultimate is one of the popular remote controls that utilizes this feature. Not only does this remote control gaming activities, but it also controls many other home entertainment devices. Another feature that makes this particular remote control popular is the easy to use touch screen swipe capabilities it offers.

10 Bluetooth Capabilities

Another attractive feature that many remote controls offer is Bluetooth capability. Bluetooth remote controls are versatile remotes that are typically operated in a plug-and-play manner. They often come with learning capabilities, and the Bluetooth features allows the remote to access electronic devices that are behind walls, doors, and cabinets. The Vizio VUR10 remote control is one example of such a remote that has additional features such as a QWERTY keyboard that slides out and internet access capabilities.

Types of Remote Control Features

There are a large variety of features offered with remote controls that help to make accessing audio and visual programming more convenient, especially when multiple electronic devices are involved. Choosing the best remote control largely depends on the features a person needs to access with a remote control, so fortunately there are many options to choose from. Becoming familiar with various types of remote controls aids in choosing the right one for people who have a variety of electronic devices that are interconnected, or even for the person who simply wants to operate one device more efficiently.

How to Buy Remote Controls on eBay

If you are in the market for a new remote control, there are several styles of controllers available that offer a wide range of features such as those listed in the top 10. Any of these remote controls are ones that have the ability to make navigating electronic devices a simple process.
Locating one of these remote controls on eBay is a simple process. All you need to do in order to find a desired remote controller is to perform a keyword search from any eBay web page. For example, if you want a Samsung remote control that offers a LCD touch screen, you can use keywords such as " Sharp LCD touch screen remote control" and any item that is tagged with those keywords are returned in the search results for you to browse through. You can locate additional information about a specific item by reading the full item description.


One of the best things about new remote controls is that they are becoming much easier to use than their predecessors. As technology advances, so do the features that become available on electronic devices, so often it is helpful to have a remote control that can keep up with these changes. New technological features are often known for making the control of them more cumbersome, especially when multiple electronic devices are a part of the equation.
Choosing the right remote largely depends on the functionality the user wants to obtain from the controller. One of the advantageous aspects about many of the technologically advanced remote controls is that they often have more than one of these top 10 features available on them. Becoming familiar with key features such as Bluetooth and intuitive capabilities that are widely available on remote controls can help take the frustration out of operating many home entertainment systems.
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