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Tips to Buying a Brand New Motorcycle from a dealer.

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Tips to Buying a Brand New Motorcycle from a dealer.
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Tips for buying a 'Brand New Motorcycle' from a dealer!

So either you now have the motorcycle bug which means you are upgrading to a bigger or different style Brand New Motorcycle and your off to spend your hard earned dollars or Credit money or outgrown that first second hand motorcycle you've had for a learner for your shiny new purchase, good for you!  

But you want some tips on how to get the best deal, or extra added freebies.

I'll start by presuming you know what bike you wish to purchase and the full purchase price from the local motorcycle dealer. I hope to help you get what you want for cheaper.

Never ever go in and purchase the motorcycle straight up, actually don't even look interested, take a few lesser smaller bikes for a test ride, all different styles makes and models, knowing your eye is on one particular.
After a few rides and even numerous visits to the store, get real interested in a smaller bike, then say "Hey, what;s the best price you can do on that one" (the one your interested in.

The Motorcycle store person will be pleased your now looking at a bigger purchase plus bigger profit for him, so he should immediately cut a few hundred dollars off for the potential upgrade.

You can typically count on 15%-20% markup.  This will help you get a good haggling price range to start at.

Try not to purchase a brand new motorcycle in the first few months of the year when the newer models are just out, as you will not get much if any discount.

If you can wait until the end of the year (season) and you'll find the seller quite more willing to haggle over a cheaper price to get the motorcycle out the door to make way for the next years models to display.

Most motorcycle dealership have various fees, on road costs, registration etc etc and the like, always ask for the "out the door price" they sometimes will not caculate those fees into the cost saving you between $500 to a grand on your bill.

Make sure you've asked if that includes the 'SETUP FEE' as they may also include this, which basically means adjusting the footpegs, levers, suspension etc to suit you.

It doesn't hurt to do some research and see what other 'optional' extras you would end up buying anyway and ask for them at a discount price. Remember if you ask for more stuff, near the end of negotiations, expect them to say they are going to need to adjust the price.

It's hard to do but never be too impatient and don't believe everything the seller tells you like, it's the last one, or 5 guys come in and where interested in this bike etc.

Once you have the offer, ask the motorcycle seller to give you a written quote, and just like buying a car walk out the door, you can always walk back in.  This will now have given you your biggest bargaining tool, especially if sales are down and need to get rid of the bikes.

With your quote, shop around! A few phone calls and especially seeing other dealers should also drop the price once again.

I think following these simple rules will have your shiny brand new bike in your garage and money in your pocket for fuel...
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Gary Palmer -
Possums Motorcycle Biker Items - possumsmcbikeritems - Australia Mate.

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