Tips on how to Store your Silk Flowers

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have to be packed carefully if they are ever to be used again. Before you throw them on the shelf, read on to see how to store those beautiful silk flowers.
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Things You'll Need

    * Damp rag for cleaning
    * Vacuum and pantyhose for cleaning
    * Paper sack and salt or corn meal for cleaning
    * Chemical spray for cleaning
    * Strong box
    * Packing peanuts
    * Bubble wrap
    * Marker

Step One
Clean the flowers before packing them away. To clean them, put a pantyhose leg over the vacuum nozzle and dust away. You can also put salt or cornmeal in a paper sack, put the flowers in the sack and close, gently shaking the bag. The cornmeal or salt will remove the dust. You can also take a damp rag and wipe each petal or spray the entire arrangement with a chemical cleaner.
Step Two
Find a firm box that is large enough to hold the flowers.
Step Three
Put packing peanuts or bubble wrap in the box and gently lay the flowers in. Make certain that there is adequate packing material between the flowers. If you're packing an entire arrangement,l first sit the container on top of bubble wrap or packing material. Slowly add packing peanuts while trying not to compromise the arrangement, until the packing is up to the top of the box.
Step Four
Mark the box "this side up" if you're packing the entire arrangement and not one flower at a time.
Step Five
Store in a dry area that isn't too hot. Dampness can compromise any glue, as does the heat.
Tips & Warnings

    * Attempt to find a wooden box or hard plastic container. If you can't, try not to store other boxes on top of the arrangement or individual flowers, as it tends to smash the packing and the flowers down a bit.

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