Tips for eBay Sellers Going On Vacation

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If you sell on eBay and want/need/deserve a vacation here are some tips I use and feel can help you enjoy your vacation and keep your good reputation on eBay (and your business strong while you are gone).

When you start your vacation plans, start planning on how you will fit your business into your vacation:

  • Decide when the last item you will prepare packages and ship before you go out of town.
  • Make sure any auctions you have end allowing buyers a reasonable amount of time to pay for the items before you leave town.
  • During the last week before your vacation you may want to email buyers alerting them to your vacation and politely explaining to them if they want the item shipped before you go out of town when you need a payment to clear.  (Be sure to state in the e-mail that you are not trying to rush them for a payment but that you want them to have the option to pay before you leave.  Also state in the email when you will ship when you get back from vacation in case they do not pay you before your trip.)
  • Set up an auto responder through your email provider that will automatically send out an e-mail while you are gone to anyone who sends you an email.  In the auto responder (or away message) you may want to alert buyers when you will return, and when the item will be shipped at the earliest.
  • If at all possible you may want to try to check your e-mail occasionally to handle urgent buyer needs.  (Many hotels and other locations have WiFi access at low rates or free).
  • If you use WiFi on the road (not all networks may be secure) or a public computer, you may want to acquire a  PayPal Security Key - this key will help keep your password secure on both eBay and PayPal. 
  • Consider putting in the auto responder a way a buyer can contact you if there is an emergency.
  • To get the momentum back to your sales you may want to schedule a few items to start before you return form vacation, so the ball is rolling again when you return from your vacation.
  • If you have a store do not forget to set the store on vacation through Manage your store on eBay.  (making sure you use the custom message to attract more attention to potential buyers)
  • Remember, when you return to turn off the auto responder and turn off the store vacation seting.
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