Tips for Buying a Christmas Tree

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Tips for Buying a Christmas Tree

A common fixture in many homes from the day after Thanksgiving until the New Year, a Christmas tree provides beauty and a touch of class to virtually any room. The options for decorating the tree are virtually endless and owners have unlimited options for creating a display that matches their decorating style and budget. Whether the tree is purchased from a local vendor or on eBay, there are a few tips to consider to make the tree purchasing process quick and easy. This allows the shopper to end up with a tree that fits the room, transports safely, and looks great from the time the owner assembles it to the moment the owner takes it down for storage or disposal.

Christmas Tree Buying Tips

In order to obtain the perfect tree, there are several points to consider so that the right size and type of tree makes its way into a home or business safely and beautifully.

1. Measure the Room

One of the most important facts to consider when buying a Christmas tree is the size of the room where the owner hopes to display it. Just as a tree can look off kilter when a tree is too small, it can also look awkward if the tree is too tall or too wide for the space. For this reason, owners should choose the space for the tree beforehand and, with the aid of a measuring tape, obtain accurate dimensions to compare with the trees available at the local tree farm or online at sites like eBay.

2. Measure Vehicle Transport Capacity

Just as it is important to ensure there is space available in the home to display the Christmas tree, owners need to consider the capacity of the vehicle they intend to use for transporting the tree to its new home. If the shopper has a small car, a large tree could potentially obstruct the driver's view or cause roof damage if the tree slips around when strapped to the top of the vehicle. For this reason, owners with a smaller vehicle should consider a smaller tree. Those shoppers who possess a larger SUV or truck have the capacity to handle a larger, more robust tree. Shoppers can easily attach the tree with the aid of rope,bungee cord, or roof strap, depending on owner preference. Of course, online Christmas tree shoppers should consider shipping charges related to the size and weight of the tree or search for sellers who offer free shipping.

3. Deciding Between a Live and Artificial Tree

After shoppers know the size of tree they want, the next choice is deciding between a live tree and an artificial tree. Both types of trees accept decoration of any type, but the main difference is that live trees prove viable for a finite amount of time, while owners can reuse artificial trees after year.

Many styles are available, including cedar, spruce, and pine, in both fresh and artificial formats. Each of these types comes in several sizes as well, a feature that makes the room and vehicle measuring processes handy. For smaller rooms, the ideal size is a 3- to 5-foot tree, while larger rooms handle 5.5-foot and taller trees with ease. In addition to the standard green, artificial trees are available with sprayed-on artificial snow and in colors ranging from neon pink and purple to fiber optic finishes.

4. Lighting and Decoration Options

Many people who display Christmas trees have a particular style of decorating the tree that is both meaningful and decidedly theirs. For those who are buying their first Christmas tree or are not familiar with the items needed for decoration, there are a few items that are helpful to have in order to bring out the beauty of the tree and to also keep it upright.

Artificial trees frequently come with the lights already strung on them so that the owner only needs to connect the pieces of the trunk, add the branches, and set the tree upright before decorating with icicles, ornaments, or other preferred decoration. The process for setting up a live tree is a bit more involved, but the tree owner only needs a few items, such as a tree stand, tree skirt, 5-10 strands of lights, and any desired ornaments. Owners simply place the live tree in the tree stand in order to keep it upright and then add the tree skirt, lights, and ornaments to produce a stunning and aesthetically pleasing piece of Christmas decor.

5. Christmas Tree Upkeep

After picking the ideal tree and decorating it to perfection, it is important to keep the tree looking lush and vibrant for as long as possible. If the tree is of the live variety, adding an uncoated aspirin tablet to the tree stand when changing the water is a good way to prevent needle loss and browning. If the tree is artificial, dust it once a week to remove dirt and accumulated debris so that the beauty of the synthetic branches shines through.

How to Buy a Christmas Tree on eBay

When you are shopping for a Christmas tree, lights, or ornaments on eBay, there are thousands of listings to browse through from sellers around the globe. In order to find the exact items you are looking for quickly and easily, use targeted and specific keyword phrases in the Search bar such as "6-foot artificial tree," "beaded tree skirt," or " glass Christmas ornaments" instead of a more generic term such as " Christmas decorations." This search method provides you with a more condensed pool from which to browse instead of requiring you to filter through unrelated products. After choosing the perfect tree and accessories, you are then ready to decorate and celebrate the Christmas season with style.

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