Tips How to find and remember a store or seller on Ebay

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Ways to find an EBay store or a specific EBay seller.


If you are relatively new to EBay you may find it difficult to find a specific seller.

      I recently learned this from a friend who said, "I went on EBay to find that " techalo " store you always are talking about, but I entered your store name into the Ebay item search and you did not come up. Does that mean your not selling any thing?

Answer : Well, no. in fact we had a lot of items for sale.

So the question remains , Why then did we not come up in the search , and how do you find a seller on EBay.


1)  How to recall and remeber a favorite seller or store:

   If you like what you see from any seller you may choose to add them to a special list to remember them. Located near the details about the seller is a link "Add to favorite sellers" that when clicked will add that seller to your own personal list of those you consider great places to shop. The next time you are on EBay you can easily remember by checking your favorites list who you wish to check out again.


2) Finding a specific store or seller:

As mentioned above, our friend looked for our store by entering our store name into the ITEM SEARCH function , which generally gives you only things for sale and not the sellers.

The best way on EBay to find a specific seller is to choose ADVANCE SEARCH  located on the top header of your EBay page.


This will take you to a new page where you can enter more details about what you are looking for. On the left side of the Advanced search page is a selection of different things and tools you may use search for. One of these is the ITEMS BY SELLER selection. Simply click on this and you will be able to enter the name of any seller you are looking for.


3) Another way we use to help everyone looking for great deals and find our techalo Family Ebay store  ( and other sellers have done this as well ) is to make ourselves known to the search engines. You need only type techalo into Google, MSN , Yahoo or any search engine and you will find us listed. We are on blogs, forums, and a whole range of directories. Almost every one of these sites will have a direct link back to our store.


So next time you are on Google try typing in   techalo   and see if you can find us.


Thank you  for reading our tips, we hope you have loads of fun, and find great deals as you browse and shop Ebay.


cheers from Ontario Canada


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