The value of ancient Danish Neolithic Daggers

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The value of ancient Danish Neolithic Daggers
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The value of ancient Danish Neolithic Daggers.

Are all your daggers authentic ancient Danish daggers? How much should you expect to spend on an authentic Danish Dagger?

Yes All my daggers are ancient authentic. I have several hundred daggers. Largest private collection I think. More than 25 full size of the rare type IV fishtail daggers.

Danish daggers have very different value depending of type, perfection and size. Just as if I asked you for the price for a Clovis point.!

Let me try to give you some guidelines:
1) color: a brown dagger is more expensive than a gray or white. Because most people like coloration, nice pattern better than just doll gray. Also the fake daggers is gray and white, so many -American who fear the fakes, and are not familiar with Danish material prefer other and more patination than gray and white.

2) perfection: a broken dagger have less value than if it was perfect, but by you perfection is maybe more important. Look at it this way, a large type IV is so rare that you may take a broken dagger. A little chips in the side is not so severe as a missing tip.

The types: there are as you may know 6 types. please look other places for info about the different types.
Type I is most common.
Type II and type VI are not rare.
Type III and type V is in demand
Type IV is always expensive, most rare and in high demand.
The size, of course a large dagger is more expensive than a smaller, but it depends of the type how long it can be.
(1 inch is 2.54 cm)
Type I is the longest, some are pushing 40 cm and at the National Museum they have a few be on 40 cm (16 inch).
Longer than 30 cm (12 inch) will be quite expensive and rare. 25 cm (10 inch) will be a very nice and expensive dagger.
(maybe 2000-2500 US)
The size of the type II is less than type I but they can also be large. 30 cm would be extreme. 25 cm will be quite expensive.
and +20 would be real nice.
Type III and V are extreme if larger than 25 cm. a very nice one would normally be 18-20 cm. (I have played more than +3000 US several times for nice ones more than 21-22 cm)
Type VI, they are normally small 12-15 cm, that is fire daggers -lighters made in the shape of a dagger not expensive maybe around 200 US. Some rare type VI more than 30 cm are called shorts word they are rare and expensive.
And then we are at the type IV. Many collectors can get the other 5 in perfect smaller samples in no time., Then they want a type IV to complete there little collection, they find out that the type IV alone will cost 2-3 times more than the value of there other 5 daggers! And it can take years even to find one. And then they must take a broken small bad type IV!! So it is.
type IV are normally small. 20 cm is huge. the best are maybe 25 cm.

I hope this have been informative regarding daggers/value. Let me add. If you find a 25-27 cm white gray type V or type IV
it is 99.9 % a fake! A few years ago an American collector offered me 100.000 US for the best 5 ! Daggers in my collection.
-I still have my daggers, also the best, but I keep his number in case I need fast cash some day. But we are talking quality way beon what you normally see.

If you want to know more about prices of Danish daggers please look my Ebay-store (This is not meant as an advertisement)
I sell 3-4 daggers every week, if you look my feedback page you can see auktionsprices/pictures for the latest auctions –please enjoy – thanks -Tom

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