The tracfoneSecret, Free Minutes and More.

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I was initially selling Tracfone cards on eBay for a few months. I made a killing on this one. It's a win - win for everyone, for me, for Tracfone and obviously for eBay since they will make money from their fees and so forth. This one is really considered "white hat". I don't know if many of your are familiar with the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) world but there are a few methods on doing things, they are "white hat", "black hat" and "gray areas". A brief intro on what these means, it's simple.

-- White hat = Legal and follow rules.

-- Black Hat = don't follow rules and shade.

-- Gray Areas = Not defined, neither of the above and has not been addressed yet.

Usually people follow the white hat methods which is the best long term model for anyone looking to sustain a long term revenue goal. Black Hat should not be used by anyone unless you plan on making a quick buck and running. I would NOT recommend anyone to take this route because it really hurts you in the short and long term. The Porn industry usually takes these methods on the web because they don't care, they usually have enough people who will never bail on them, porn on the net will never die so they have nothing to loose. I like to say the Gray area is the best zone you want to be involved with because it's usually the area which is not defined and is usually the most profitable. It is a risky zone to be in but you will not be hurt either way.

Sorry I went off topic but I feel that these crunch tips should be education and will benefit you in general. Anyway, I was buying this offer from, do the following:

1. Go www . tracfone . com

2. Look at the top navigation for: "Buy Phones and More".

3. Hover your mouse over it and it will show a drop down menu.

4. Now click on "Buy Phones" from the drop down.

5. It will ask you to put in your ZIP code. Now, you can do 2 things here:

1. Put in your zip code.

2. Put in a zip code that supports different cell phones.

The thing is that Tracfone supports two different kinds of networks, one is CDMA and one is GSM. Most of the country is running on GSM and some rural areas are running CDMA. Anyhow, lets take this zip code as an example, type in "02111" which is Boston; I am not from Boston but am typing it in for the sake of an example zip code.

6. Click the "Continue" button.

7. Now a "Yes" and "No" button will appear. It just did a look up on the zip code and wants you to confirm that is your zip code.

8. Click "Yes".

9. It will now take you to the next page; now look at the top banner which says "FREE PHONE".

10. Here we go :) Now here is the deal, you buy 1 Tracfone card for $19.99 and you get another one with a free phone for free. So you get two cards, each with 60 units (each has a retail value of $19.00 + Tax) and you get a Tracfone V170 phone. Total Cost for this is $19.99 + Tax (depends on your state) and shipping which is like $4.00. So the entire deal costs you $25 (we are $25 in the red) shipped and landed.

11. Tracfone allows you to do 3 orders a day. So you get 6 cards and 3 phones for $25 x 3 = $75 investment (If you do 3 orders, you are now $75 in the red). Go ahead and put in your orders, they are usually really fast with shipping. It usually takes 3-4 days to arrive.

12. Now the fun begins, we have already invested $75; now let us make our money back :).

13. We have 6 phone cards, each will sell for at least $18 on eBay (these are 19.99 retail + Tax, so at least $21 each). So we have six of those which is 6 X 18 = $108. We are already up $33, not bad, we are doing well. Now I know we have eBay fees and pay pal fees, let us take our $8 for that. So we are really up $25, still not bad for not doing much.

14. We still have 3 phones; the above offer comes with a "Motorola V170R".

15. Do a search on eBay for "Motorola V170R" and check the completed items.

16. Each phone will sell for $20 total. Shipping, fees, etc will be $6. We have three of these, so we are looking at a $42 profit.

17. So we are making $25 on the cards and $42 on the phones, we are now at $67 profit, we made $67 by investing only $75. Not bad at all. I usually look to make anywhere from an 8-12% return on eBay. With that thinking, for me to work on eBay full time, I would need to invest $15,000 (10% of that is $1,500) a week for me to take eBay as my full time job but I also believe that it is a process, everything takes time. I use to use the following zip code "49806" which was a "CDMA" area. They use to give a free "Nokia 2126" which use to sell on eBay for $36. I would make $30 after shipping and fees. Which means I use to make $30 (phone 1) + $30 (phone 2) +$30 (phone 3), and $25 from the cards. So at one point I was making $115 a day from this offer, I was doing it 5 days a week, so I was making $575 a week from this offer alone :)

18. Enjoy and ask any questions.

*Tracfone may request to call you before processing the order, I think it's random.

*Tracfone will sometimes stop you from ordering after xxx orders.

*To be on the safe side, activate all SIM cards that Tracfone sends you. They think you are using the minutes and such for your self.

*Be aggressive but don't raise any red flags, DONT GET GREEDY. Order 3 a day, if you have a friend or wife or what ever, order 3 under her name also BUT don't go further than that.

*Push it hard, these "deals" usually don't last long, take advantage while you can.

*Offer to send Phone card pins via email to save shipping but deal with people who are confirmed only if you plan on using that method.

Have fun and more to come :)




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